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Non-Employee Travel

View policy pdf: Non-Employee Travel Policy

The University of Georgia follows all policies set by the University System of Georgia and Board of Regents. The Non-Employee Travel Policy can be found in the Board of Regents Procedures Manual: Section 19.9.

This section addresses non-employee travel to include students, consultants, and individuals applying for a job at the institution. Travel expenses for non-employees should be limited to certain circumstances as described below:

  1. Students authorized to travel for participation in academic programs and sanctioned student events to include athletic and recruiting events. Students include individuals enrolled to take classes at an institution, including students enrolled in Continuing Education, and individuals being recruited as potential students.
  2. Individuals contracted to perform a service for the institution where the contract provides for travel expense reimbursement.
  3. Job applicant travel associated with an interview. Note: Job applicant travel does not include pre-move or house-hunting trips once an employment offer has been extended to the candidate. If travel is provided to the candidate between the time an offer has been made and the time an offer has officially been accepted, those travel expenditures cannot be made from a University account; however, departments can request expenses be paid directly from a University Foundation account. Once the offer has been accepted by the candidate, payment for travel expense that are not business related (i.e. pre-move or house hunting trips) must follow procedures outlined in the Relocation Expenses Policy.

  4. Viable methods to pay job applicants include:

    • Including interview expenses in the contract with an external search firm.
    • Requiring a job candidate to perform a service to the institution, such as a presentation on subject matter applicable to the position applied for. Consideration provided to the candidate for this service would be the reimbursement of travel expenses.
    • Requesting travel expense reimbursement for the job candidate from the Foundation.

  5. Official guests providing a direct benefit to the University by collaborating, presenting, or participating in academic, research, or conference activities. This arrangement would represent a “quid pro quo” scenario between the official guest and the University (i.e. the University is paying the travel expenses of the non-employee in exchange for the services/benefits received).

Note: Reimbursement of authorized travel expenses is subject to the allowable limits and conditions as discussed in the University’s Travel Policy.

This policy does not allow for payment from a University account, regardless of the funding source, for travel expenses of guests, spouses, or family members accompanying the non-employee. Payment of travel expenses for guests, spouses, or family members accompanying the non-employee must be paid directly from a University Foundation account.


Responsible University Senior Administrator: Vice President for Finance & Administration

Responsible University Administrator: Associate Vice President & Controller

Policy Owner: Accounts Payable

Policy Contact:  Westley Bargo

Phone Number: 706-542-2786

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