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Radioactive Materials


View policy pdf: Radioactive Materials Policy

This policy addresses special requirements for the purchase of radioactive materials due to the potential for radiation exposure, and also is to ensure that the University of Georgia is in compliance with state and federal regulations.


Responsible University Senior Administrator: Vice President for Finance & Administration 

Responsible University Administrator: Procurement Officer and Radiation Safety Officer

Policy Owner: Procurement and co-owner: Research Safety

Policy Contact: Robert Currey (Procurement) and Jody Jacobs (Radiation Safety Officer)

Phone Number: 706-542-2361 and 706-542-0107

Responsibilities: The end user is responsible ensuring that all of Radiation Safety’s guidelines have been followed, end user approval of the Radiation Safety Committee has been received, and a B number has been obtained and indicated on the requisition prior to submitting it for approval.

Date Issued: 01/01/2016

Last Reviewed/Updated: