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Unrestricted Competitive Specifications


View policy pdf: Unrestricted Competitive Specifications Policy

Unrestrictive competitive specifications allow for full and open competition between vendors as the specifications do not restrict the items being purchased to a specific brand or source, rather they identify the users’ minimum needs. For unrestrictive competitive specifications, the person initiating a purchase should identify the minimum products and/or service requirements related to the purchase. These may include performance specifications, design specifications, references to particular products for reference purposes only, use of qualified product lists, and performance and service requirements.  In order for a supplier to be considered responsive, the supplier’s bid must meet all of the identified specifications and requirements.  Therefore care must be used in developing and writing specifications and requirements to ensure competition is not unreasonably or unnecessarily restricted.


Responsible University Senior Administrator: Vice President for Finance & Administration

Responsible University Administrator: Procurement Officer

Policy Owner: Procurement

Policy Contact: Robert Currey

Phone Number: 706-542-2361

Responsibilities: The purchaser is responsible for creating the initial set of specifications to ensure their needs are met.  However, the procurement specialist will review the specifications and determine if the specifications need more information or are too restrictive.  In this situation, the purchaser will be expected to assist the procurement specialist in modifying the specifications so their need is adequately identified without being too restrictive.

Date Issued: 01/01/2016

Last Reviewed/Updated: