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Sole Brand Restrictive Specifications

Purchasing and Payment Processing

View policy pdf:  Sole Brand Restrictive Specifications Policy

A sole brand solicitation is a competitive solicitation, which includes specifications restricting offered goods to a specific manufacturer or owner’s brand.  Before making a determination that only one specific brand of goods will meet the University’s critical business requirements, research must be conducted by the end-user to determine if other brands exist which can also satisfy procurement requirements in a timely manner.  Sound procurement practice requires that a sole brand solicitation be used only when it is the last justifiable option, and not as an attempt to contract for a favored brand of goods.  A valid sole brand justification allows the procurement specialist to process a competitive bid with the insertion of “No Substitute” after the good is specified by brand name, model number or some other designation identifying a specific good of a manufacturer.


Responsible University Senior Administrator: Vice President for Finance & Administration

Responsible University Administrator: Procurement Officer

Policy Owner: Procurement

Policy Contact: Robert Currey

Phone Number: 706-542-2361 

Responsibilities: The end-user is responsible for creating the initial set of sole brand specifications to ensure their needs are met.  However, the procurement specialist will review the specifications and determine if the specifications are too restrictive.  In this situation, the end-user will be expected to assist the procurement specialist in modifying the specifications so their need is able to still be met but without being too restrictive.

Date Issued: 01/01/2016

Last Reviewed/Updated: