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Competitive Specification Development

Purchasing and Payment Processing

View policy pdf: Competitive Specification Development Policy

All purchases made by the University should be based on competitive bidding whenever possible. Any purchase of $25,000 or more requires competitive bidding or justification for the lack of competition. The University may not split reasonably foreseeable or related purchases into two or more transactions for the purpose of circumventing this requirement.


Responsible University Senior Administrator: Vice President for Finance & Administration

Responsible University Administrator: Procurement Officer

Policy Owner: Procurement

Policy Contact: Robert Currey

Phone Number: 706-542-2361 

Responsibilities:The end-user is responsible for creating the initial set of specifications to ensure their needs are met.  However, the procurement specialist may review the specifications and determine the specifications may need more information or may be too restrictive.  In this situation, the end-user will be expected to assist the procurement specialist in modifying the specifications so their need is able to still be met but without being too restrictive.

Date Issued: 01/01/2016

Last Reviewed/Updated: