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Procurement Listing

Purchasing Card (P-Card)

Allowable Purchases (Things I CAN buy With a P-Card)

Compliance: Administration, Reviews and Violations

Duties and Responsibilities of Individuals Having P-Card Roles

Employee Reimbursement

How to Make Purchases with Your P-Card

Instructions for Specific Allowable P-Card Purchases


Study Abroad

Student Travel

Obtaining a P-Card

Reconciliation of Billing Statements

Resolve Disputes

Spending Limits

Sponsored (Restricted) Projects

Unallowable P-Card Practices

Unallowable P-Card Purchases

Violations, Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Purchasing and Payment Mechanisms

Membership and Dues

Purchase Requests

Competitive Specification Development

Sole Brand Restrictive Specifications

Unrestricted Competitive Specifications

Contract Renewal/Administration/Multiyear Contractss

Methods of Purchasing Against a Purchase Request

Invitation to Bid (Construction/Public Works)

Orders for Supplies, Materials and Services Less Than $25,000

Request for Proposal (RFP)

Request of Quote (eSource)

Payments of Invoices Issued Against Purchase Orders

Payment Requests

Purchase Authority/Execution of Contracts

State Purchasing Authority for Supplies, Materials and Services

Board of Regents Purchasing Authority for Construction/Public Works

Execution of Contracts

Purchase Order Corrections and Cancellations

Purchase Request Preparation

Payments to Accompany Order/Advanced Payments

Sales Tax

Unauthorized Purchases

Vendor Selection

Conflict of Interest

Unique Purchasing and Payment Processes for Specific Types of Expenses


Consulting Services

Field Trips

Information Technology (IT)


Radioactive Materials



Sole Source Purchases

Study Abroad

Technical Instruments

Trade Ins

University System Level Agreements

Used Equipment



Wireless Communication Devices/Telecommunications