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Personal Leave Without Pay

Time Away From Work

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Because of unforeseen events or special circumstances, an employee may need extra time off for personal reasons. In such cases, an employee may be granted personal leave without pay, if recommended by unit management and approved by Human Resources, for periods not to exceed twelve consecutive months.  An employee must exhaust all accrued annual leave before becoming eligible for personal leave without pay. Such approved leaves shall allow the employee the right to elect to continue their group insurance benefits by making arrangements through the Employee Benefits Department and paying the total amount of the premiums due. All other benefits are prohibited which otherwise would accrue to the employee. Unauthorized absence from work at the conclusion of the leave period constitutes grounds for termination of employment.

An employee on approved personal leave without pay for one continuous calendar month or less is eligible to receive pay for holidays which occur within the one calendar month period, upon his/her return to work. At the discretion of the unit, the eligible holiday time may be received as back pay or the time may be added to the employee's annual leave balance by way of an adjustment. 

If an employee is terminated or resigns following the expiration of the approved sick or personal leave without pay period, he/she is not eligible to receive pay for holidays which occurred during the leave without pay period.


Responsible University Senior Administrator: Vice President for Finance & Administration

Responsible University Administrator: Associate Vice President for Human Resources

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Policy Contact: Kim Eberhart

Phone Number: 706-542-6077

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