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Inclement Weather

Time Away From Work

View policy pdf: Inclement Weather Policy

Policy Statement 

This policy follows the University System of Georgia (USG) Business Procedures Manual except where identified in the section labelled UGA Procedures below. All employees should adhere to the full Business Procedures Manual in addition to the UGA Procedures. 

Refer to USG's Policy: Link to Policy 


Record Retention 

Inclement Weather and Emergency Closing Procedures: When inclement weather creates a condition under which there might be a question as to whether the University will operate on a normal basis, a designated administrative official will release to the campus and local news media a statement concerning the University schedule. If the weather condition occurs during the day, the statement will be released through normal distribution channels on campus. However, if the weather condition occurs at night, the statement should be released to the local news media prior to 7:00 AM. Based on an evaluation of the weather conditions, one of the two following statements will be released and University personnel are advised of the ramifications of each announcement as follows: 


The University of Georgia will be open - Each University administrator is responsible for the operation and staffing of his/her respective area and for communicating in advance reporting requirements to his/her staff when this statement is released. The designated administrative official will identify whether the University is operating on a regular or delayed schedule. 


The University of Georgia will be closed - Classes will not be held and employees will not be required to report to work. This statement will be released only in rare emergencies. However, when it is released, no one will be required to attend classes and only previously designated employees will be required to report to work. All regular employees scheduled to work will be paid. Employees on scheduled leave during any time the University is closed due to inclement weather may cancel the previously approved sick or annual leave and have their supervisor add the inclement weather time.  Those previously designated employees required to meet emergency conditions in certain units will be paid for the time worked in addition to the inclement weather pay for that period.  If a non-designated employee voluntarily reports to work for a portion of a day the Institution is closed due to inclement weather, that employee should record the hours actually worked and use inclement weather time to equal a full work day on the time record. 



Responsible University Senior Administrator:  Vice President for Finance & Administration

Responsible University Administrator:  Associate Vice President – Human Resources

Policy Owner: University Human Resources, Workforce Engagement  

Policy Contact: Senior Director, Workforce Engagement  

Contact Information: or 706 542 2222 


Date Issued: 02/12/2020

Last Reviewed/Updated: