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Educational Leave

Time Away From Work

View policy pdf: Educational Leave Policy

See the Training and Development Section of this manual.

The University recognizes that training and development programs improve individual and organizational performance and help the University achieve its overall institutional goals. Employees should develop, with their supervisors, plans to enhance skills and prepare for continually evolving responsibilities in their positions.

Professional Development/Training Classes - Many work related training programs are provided on campus by the University Training and Development Department and other campus departments. Training programs offered by the Training and Development Department are posted on the Training and Development Web site. Employees may register for classes online. Since professional development is part of all employees' performance expectations, supervisors should plan for and allow release time from work for training programs determined to be mutually beneficial for employees and the University. Such release time should be granted to employees in a fair and equitable manner, regardless of experience, educational background, or job title.

Educational leave

Regular employees:
A "regular" employee may be granted educational leave without pay for periods not to exceed one year at a time for the purpose of professional/career development. The employee must receive administrative approval through his/her department and Human Resources. Such leaves may be granted at the discretion of the University and only when conditions are favorable as determined by management. When leave without pay under this policy is granted, the employee may elect to continue group insurance benefits with institutional participation in premium payments. Upon return from educational leave without pay, the employee shall be entitled to be restored by the unit to the position of employment held when the leave commenced or to an equivalent position with equivalent employment benefits, pay, and other terms and conditions of employment.

For information regarding educational leave for faculty, view the "Leaves" section in the Academic Affairs Policy manual.


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Responsible University Administrator: Associate Vice President for Human Resources

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