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Regular (Full and Partial Benefit Eligible) Employees

Time Away From Work

View policy pdf: Regular Full and Partial Benefit Eligible Employee Policy

Full and partial benefits-eligible employees are in line-item, budgeted positions expected to exceed six months in duration. Employees in a full or partial benefits-eligible position shall earn paid annual leave. A full benefits-eligible employee, as defined in Types of Employment (1.2) policy, will have a work commitment between 75% time (30 hours per week) and 100% time (40 hours per week). A partial benefits-eligible employee will have a work commitment between 50% time (20 hours per week) and 74% time (29.6 hours per week). At 100% time (40 hours per week), you will earn the following annual leave:

  1. One and one-fourth working days per month (10 hours) for each of the first five years of continuous employment;
  2. One and one-half working days per month (12 hours) for each of the next five years of continuous employment; and
  3. One and three-fourths working days per month (14 hours) for each year after the completion of ten years of continuous employment.
  4. A full or partial benefits-eligible employee who works less than 100% time shall accrue annual leave prorated on the basis of the employee’s work time commitment. For example, a new employee in a full benefits-eligible position working 75% time would earn 7 ½ hours (10 hours X .75 = 7.5 hours) of annual leave per month.

Note: Once five and ten year service anniversaries are achieved, the new rate of annual leave accrual will begin the month following your five or ten year anniversary date. All leave accrual balances are updated each month with the previous month’s annual leave amount. For example:  When you have finished working the month of January, you have worked in a position with a 50% work commitment (20 hours per week), and you have been in your position for six years, your annual leave balance will be updated by the end of the first week in February with an additional six hours of annual leave.  Annual leave must be approved by the employee’s supervisor. The use of annual leave is recorded in the annual leave system.


Responsible University Senior Administrator:; Vice President for Finance & Administration

Responsible University Administrator: Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Policy Owner:

Policy Contact: Kim Eberhart

Phone Number: 706-542-6077

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