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Faculty, Administrative Officers, and Public Service Professionals

Time Away From Work

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A faculty member, administrative officer, or Public Service Professional with a fiscal contract (12 months) in a line item budgeted position working 50% time or more for at least one semester shall be entitled to annual leave earned at the rate of one and three-fourths working days (14 hours) per month. All working days during the fiscal year shall be counted; absences during academic calendar breaks shall be recorded as vacation; and all vacation days shall be recorded on institutional leave records. The accrual rate of vacation/annual leave for a faculty member, administrative officer or Public Service Professional will be based upon his/her contractual work commitment (percent time worked).

A faculty member, administrative officer, or Public Service Professional changing from a fiscal year contract (12 months) to an academic contract (10 months) shall be paid his/her unused, accrued annual leave subject to the 45- day (360-hour) maximum payment restriction upon termination of the fiscal year contract.

A faculty member employed on an academic year contract (10-month) does not earn annual leave. An academic year contract faculty member who teaches during Maymester and/or summer semester will not be eligible to accrue annual leave for such service.

Leave taken by faculty and administrative officers should be requested in the OneUSG Connect system each month.  Annual leave should be requested in advance when possible to allow departments to schedule and meet workforce needs.


Responsible University Senior Administrator: Vice President for Finance & Administration

Responsible University Administrator: Associate Vice President for Human Resources

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