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Salary and Wage Structure

Pay Compensation

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Policy Statement 

Provides institutions with the authority to develop and administer a wage and salary administration program and to ensure fair and equitable pay. The University System of Georgia recognizes the importance of employees to the mission of the System and its member’s institutions. Therefore, the USG authorizes institutions to develop and administer wage and salary administration programs to ensure fair and equitable pay among their employees. Such a program shall provide guidance on an employee’s salary at the time of hire, performance-based increases, and other salary adjustments when necessary and warranted. Such a program will also recognize that all salaries are subject to budgetary authorization and funding limitations. 

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USG Wage and Salary Administration Policy 


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USG Records Schedules 


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Responsible University Senior Administrator:  Vice President for Finance & Administration

Responsible University Administrator: Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Policy Owner: University Human Resources, Compensation 

Policy Contact: Senior Director of HR Administration and Compensation, ​Choose an item.​ 

Contact Information: or (706) 542-2222 

Date Issued: 05/31/2023

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