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Reduction In Force


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Policy Statement

The University of Georgia is committed to providing a stable and secure environment for its employees to work and has the responsibility to determine the appropriate staffing levels to meet the mission of the institution. However, under certain circumstances it may be necessary to temporarily reduce work hours or permanently eliminate employee positions through a reduction in force (RIF). 

In an effort to avoid permanently reducing employees due to budget cuts, funding changes, or emergency conditions affecting regular operations, each department should analyze the potential cost-savings effectiveness of a temporary reduction of work hours (e.g., temporary layoff, furlough, or other such programs) to achieve the necessary budget reduction. Employees should only be terminated through a permanent RIF after examining other available alternatives.

If it is determined that a significant organizational objective or cost-savings can be achieved through a temporary or permanent RIF, a RIF proposal must be approved prior to implementation.

This policy is not for use in removing an employee if the sole reason is substandard performance, incompetence or misconduct (including demotion, suspension or dismissal).

Reason for policy

This policy provides the University with guidelines for developing and implementing RIF plans that are necessary to meet University goals; address emergency conditions or events; and ensure consistency among University departments to achieve fair and equitable treatment of employees in the application of RIF plans.


If a RIF is necessary, the department must contact the Human Resources Office of Faculty and Staff Relations for a consultation. 

The RIF request form should have all approvals completed early enough to allow as much official notice to the affected employee as possible before termination.  All approval actions must occur at least sixty (60) days, but preferably ninety (90) days prior to the termination effective date. 

In accordance with the provisions of the Bylaws of the Board, employees have the right, to apply to the Board of Regents for a review of the President’s decision.  These requests must be submitted in writing within twenty (20) days from the date of the President’s final decision. 

Employee actions should be appropriately coded, entered and recorded in the institution’s human capital management system as a Temporary Reduction in Force. Records should be maintained in compliance with the USG Records Management Guidelines (7 Years).

The Faculty and Staff Separation Checklist must be completed.  See Forms/Instructions for the link.

All required UGA steps are included in this policy an on the RIF form.  For additional USG information on RIFs, go to BOR Practice Manual Reduction in Force at the link below.




Refer to HRAP at
Record Retention

Citation or Reference:
Employee Personnel Records Number:  0472-04-016


Description:  This series documents an employee's work history at the institution. Records may include but are not limited to: personnel file close out form (includes salary at time of separation, final leave totals, and rehire eligibility); copies of Affirmative Action Compliance data forms; applications for admission to graduate school; sabbatical leave records; applications for academic employment; background surveys; employee contracts; athletic contracts/overseas agreements; conditions of employment; memoranda of agreement; notices of appointment; overload compensation requests; patent rights waivers; pay/budget action forms; forms documenting personnel actions; proposals for academic appointment; requests for approval for outside employment; resumes or curriculum vitae; retirement agreements; technology transfer agreements; tenure relinquishment forms; promotion, tenure, and salary increase records; and employee Social Security number disclosure forms.

Retention:  Personnel File Closeout Form: 50 years; Supervisor's Copy: 3 years after separation of employee; Employment Eligibility Verification Forms: 3 years; All other records: 7 years following separation of employee from institution.

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Responsible University Senior Administrator:  Vice President for Finance & Administration

Responsible University Administrator:  Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Policy Owner:  Faculty and Staff Relations

Policy Contact:  Sige Burden

Phone Number / E-mail:  706-542-9231 /

Date Issued: 06/12/2020

Last Reviewed/Updated: