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End of Employment


View policy pdf: End of Employment Policy

Separation Notice
State law requires that each organizational unit furnish to each terminating employee a separation notice (Department of Labor Form DOL-800) at such time as said employee leaves the employment of the University or, in some cases, changes from one position to another within the University. While students should receive a termination letter, Separation Notices are not provided to student employees. See the separation notice for a list of exceptions to this requirement and for instructions for completing the form. DOL-800 Separation Notices and UGA checklists should remain in unit level files.

University Exit Procedures
Department heads or their designees should complete the applicable exit checklist for each separating or transferring employee as follows:

1. Faculty and Staff Separation Checklist Procedures for:
Regular, partial-year, and temporary faculty and staff whose employment ends due to resignation, termination, retirement, or death
2. Faculty and Staff Transfer Checklist Procedures for:
Regular, partial year, and temporary faculty and staff transferring from one UGA department to another UGA department
3. Student Employee Separation Checklist Procedures for:
Student employees whose employment ends due to resignation, termination, transfer to another position, or death.


Responsible University Senior Administrator: Vice President for Finance & Administration
Responsible University Administrator: Associate Vice President – Human Resources
Policy Owner: Human Resources
Policy Contact: Sige Burden
Phone Number / E-mail: 706-542-9231 /

Date Issued: 03/02/2020

Last Reviewed/Updated: