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Background Investigations


View policy pdf: Background Investigations Policy

This policy was approved by the University Cabinet on December 7, 2007.

It shall be a condition of employment with any institution of the University System of Georgia to submit to a background investigation. Background investigations shall be performed on regular full-time and part-time new hires and rehires, temporary employees (including student workers occupying positions of trust), and "*borrowed servants".  Student workers who are not hired into positions of trust are not required to undergo a background investigation. In addition, a background investigation shall be performed on existing employees being transferred, reassigned, reclassified or promoted into a position of trust, and in accordance with O.C.G.A. §50-5-83(b)(12), which requires background investigations and credit checks for purchasing card (P-Card) holders. Background Investigations shall be conducted on a post offer/pre-employment basis. 

* Borrowed servants work under the supervision of the University of Georgia but are paid by other entities, e.g., some county extension personnel.

In circumstances where non-minor students and volunteers are used for the benefit of the University in its delivery of programs and services, or volunteers and non-minor students routinely work with minors (children) under the direction, control, and supervision of University employees, a background investigation should be conducted.

Background investigations shall include, at a minimum, the following checks:

Offers of employment or promotion to a position of trust are “conditional” pending the result of a background investigation. “Positions of Trust” include those that involve interaction with children, after-hours access to facilities, and access to financial resources (ex: handling money, checks, credit cards, etc.), or otherwise identified by the University to require a more extensive background investigation.

[Note: While all positions on a campus may be considered positions of trust for various reasons, this phrase is a term defined by the state, and in short, means a position that has responsibility for "cash, keys, and kids (minor children)."  The USG policy allows institutions to define those positions considered positions of trust, but generally, it would mean a promotion to a position that has some degree of fiscal responsibility, responsibility for maintaining the security of an area, and/or responsibility for minor children.

Some examples to illustrate the point:

Positions of trust include programs that routinely serve minor children (dual enrollment, advanced academy, etc.) However, this would not mean if there are sometimes minor children in someone's classes, but it would mean yes, if someone were promoted to director of a program primarily serving minor children.]


Responsible University Senior Administrator:  Vice President for Finance & Administration

Responsible University Administrator: Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Policy Owner:

Policy Contact: Lindsey Van Note

Phone Number: 706-542-7329

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