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Performance Assessment of Staff Employees


View policy pdf: Performance Assessment of Staff Employees Policy

Policy Statement

See procedures section below.

Reason for policy

The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia policy requires a written performance assessment (formerly referred to as “performance evaluation”) on an annual basis for benefits-eligible staff employees. Written performance assessments shall not be done for non-benefits-eligible positions.


The purpose of performance coaching and assessment is to encourage and facilitate an individual’s improvement. It incorporates a review of past performance as well as a discussion of future expectations.

The performance coaching and assessment process begins at the time of hire or the beginning of the assessment cycle. The supervisor should discuss job responsibilities, objectives, and work standards. The supervisor should ask for employee input and participation in the process. The annual performance assessment should be completed by March 31 following the performance review period of the prior calendar year: January through December.


A Staff Performance Assessment form may be used to record the assessment of performance. A unit which does not wish to use the Staff Performance Assessment form may propose its own instrument for review if approved by Human Resources.

The assessment form is prepared by the immediate supervisor. Some units may ask a second supervisor who has knowledge of the employee’s performance to review the assessment prior to the immediate supervisor meeting with the employee. In units that use the “reviewer” method, the rater (immediate supervisor) must meet with the reviewer to discuss and agree upon the written assessment before it is discussed with the employee.

Policy Definitions

Assessment: Assessment is the process or act of appraisal and evaluation.
Assessment Cycle: January thru December.
Coaching: Coaching is a process of supervisors enabling employees to learn and develop and thus improve performance.
Rater: The Rater is the employee’s immediate supervisor
Reviewer: The Reviewer is the Rater’s supervisor

Record Retention

Copies of each employee’s performance evaluations should be maintained in departmental personnel files. Such files should be retained in the department according to Board of Regents record retention policies after the employee terminates UGA employment.


Responsible University Senior Administrator:  Vice President for Finance & Administration

Responsible University Administrator: Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Policy Owner:

Policy Contact: Sige Burden

Phone Number: 706-542-9231

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