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Political Activities


View policy pdf: Political Activities Policy

Policy Statement 

This policy follows the University System of Georgia (USG) Business Procedures Manual except where identified in the section labelled UGA Procedures below. All employees should adhere to the full Business Procedures Manual in addition to the UGA Procedures. 
USG employees are encouraged to fulfill their civic obligations and engage in the normal political processes of society, including the right to express their personal opinions on matters of public concern, and nothing in this policy is intended to infringe or restrict free expression rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution or the Georgia Constitution. Nevertheless, it is inappropriate for USG employees to manage or enter political campaigns while on duty to perform services for the USG or to hold elective political office at the state or federal level while employed by the USG. Likewise, USG employees must not hold themselves out as speaking or acting on behalf of the USG or its institutions when participating in political activities and must take reasonable measures to avoid any appearance that such participation is in an official capacity as an employee of the USG or its institutions. 
Refer to USG's Policy: BOR - Prohibition on Certain Political Activities; No Official Endorsement or Affiliation and Avoidance of the Appearance Thereof 


Responsible University Senior Administrator:  Vice President for Finance & Administration

Responsible University Administrator: Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Policy Owner: University Human Resources, Workforce Engagement  

Policy Contact: Senior Director, ​Workforce Engagement​ 

Contact Information: or (706) 542-2222 

Date Issued: 07/16/2023

Last Reviewed/Updated: