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Children in the Workplace


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Policy Statement

The University values an atmosphere that supports a healthy balance between workplace and family obligations.  When possible, supervisors should honor an employee’s request for flexibility to meet unexpected family needs that may require the employee’s attention during work hours.  However, due to health and safety concerns, it is generally not appropriate for children of any age to be in the workplace on a regular basis. 

Frequent, regular, or extended visits by children during work hours are not allowed.  Brief, infrequent visits by children may occur in the workplace with supervisor permission. 

When children are permitted to visit, parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring that the visits comply with all designated safety protocols and University policies and procedures, to include but not limited to:

  • At all times, children remain the sole responsibility of the parents/guardian.
  • At all times, parents/guardians must accompany their children.
  • Children are not allowed inside classrooms, labs, controlled access spaces or any other hazardous area.
  • Children who have an illness that prevents acceptance by a regular day care provider or prevents attendance at school, particularly any children with an infectious disease, should not be brought to the workplace under any circumstances.

At any time, if the supervisor determines that the health and safety risks are too great, or that the child’s presence is disruptive, a supervisor may ask the employee to remove their children from the workplace.

This policy should not be interpreted as permission to use the workplace as a backup or alternative childcare arrangement.

This policy does not apply to any situations covered by the University’s Policy for Programs and Activities Serving Minors.


Record Retention

Refer to USG's Policy Manual 6.9 Programs Serving Minors 

Policy on Minors (not Acting as Students/Employees) in Research Laboratories, Clinics, and Animal Facilities - Office of Research

Policy | Programs and Activities Serving Minors - UGA





Responsible University Senior Administrator: Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Responsible University Administrator: Senior Director, Workforce Engagement

Policy Owner: University Human Resources, Workforce Engagement

Policy Contact: Senior Director, Workforce Engagement

Contact Information: or 706 542 2222

Date Issued: 11/02/2022

Last Reviewed/Updated: