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Use of State Vehicles (Overnight Use and Vehicle Assignment)

Asset Management

View policy pdf: Use of State Vehicles Overnight Use and Vehicle Assignment Policy

Policy Statement

The University of Georgia follows the polices and procedures set by the Georgia Department of Administrative Services. The policy for vehicle assignment and overnight use of state vehicles can be found in the Policy 10 statement issued by the Department of Administrative Services.

Reason for Policy

This policy provides the policy & procedures on the overnight use of state vehicles.


The Georgia Department of Administrative Services Fleet Management Office issues the policy and procedures for vehicle assignment and overnight vehicle use. UGA personnel should refer to the Policy 10 statement (section 1) to determine if and when a state vehicle is allowed to be used overnight. In some cases, a MV-1 submission may be required.


All Asset Management Forms can be found at the following site: The Department of Administrative Services Fleet Management Office forms can be found here:

Additional Contacts

Asset Management, 706-542-4390,

Automotive Center, 706-542-6477

Record Retention

For all assets all documentation should be retained for 5 years after disposition of equipment. [0472-01-005]

Related Information


Responsible University Senior Administrator: Vice President for Finance & Administration

Responsible University Administrator: Associate Vice President for Finance Division

Policy Owner: Asset Management

Policy Contact: Craig Mathews

Phone Number: 706-542-4390

Date Issued:

Last Reviewed/Updated: