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UGA Design & Construction Supplemental General Requirements & Standards

University Architects

View policy pdf:  UGA Design Construction Supplemental General Requirements Standards Policy

The UGA Design & Construction Supplement General Requirement & Standards (Standards) document has been compiled to provide one location and resource for UGA Standards.  The Office of University Architects for Facilities Planning (OUA) and the Facilities Management Division (FMD) are the two main UGA departments that administer construction related projects.  Other departments with critical roles in the execution of projects include Enterprise Information Technology Services, Environmental Safety Division, University Housing, and Real Estate and Space Management.  The design, construction, and renovation requirements for all of these departments are included in the Standards. Since the OUA interfaces with all of these departments and is responsible for the major construction and renovation projects, the OUA leads the coordination and maintenance of the Standards.


Date Issued: 09/16/2013

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