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Performing Work in University of Georgia Facilities

Office of Space Mgmt

View policy pdf: Performing Work in University of Georgia Facilities Policy

Within Finance & Administration (F&A) the Facilities Management Division (FMD) and the Office of University Architects for Facilities Planning (OUA) have the primary responsibility for work within Facilities. The Environmental Safety Division (ESD), the Office of Real Estate (ORE) and the Office of Space Management (OSM) also have roles regarding facilities. Refer to the section Responsibilities for more information about these entities.

For the purposes of this policy, the term ‘work’ is intended to include activities related to construction or renovation. Refer to the definition of Construction for all activities included under this policy. Refer to the Policy Definitions for a more detailed description and clarification of Maintenance. Refer to ‘Engaging Design Professionals and Contractors’ for the policy statement related to the university’s delegated authority for these services.

All work at or within UGA facilities is to be accomplished only by FMD staff, or by contractors and / or vendors employed by the University and performing under the direction and supervision of FMD or OUA staff. Neither the source of funds for the work, nor the facility designation (Resident Instruction or Non-Resident Instruction) has any bearing on this prescribed direction and supervision of work.

It is important to note certain types of equipment draw upon or discharge to building systems (electrical, sanitary sewer, water, ventilation, etc.)[e.g., an autoclave, MRI scanner, BSC, fume hood, vacuum pump, freezer, deionized water or specialized lighting]. Unless a direct replacement for a piece of equipment that already exists, it is strongly recommended that prior to purchase, all principal investigators (PIs) consult with FMD engineering. Failure to do so may result in unintended negative impacts to the work environment (tripping breakers, overheated spaces, etc). Should this occur, PIs are to be aware that any changes to correct those impacts will be dependent on both funding and manpower priorities. Thus, such changes could take considerable time to implement. Refer to the FAQ section for additional information.

For facilities not owned by the State, and where the university is either lessor or lessee, the procedure to perform work will be determined on a case-by-case basis led by the Office of Real Estate. Communications systems work performed by Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS) is excluded from this policy but such work should comply with the related “Engaging with Design Professionals and Contractors” policy and should be coordinated with FMD and/or OUA. Any other exceptions to this policy must be coordinated and approved, in writing, by the Vice President for Finance & Administration, and / or FMD and OUA on a case-by-case basis.

Requests for work shall follow the Procedures section. A department/unit shall not proceed with work without proper work authorizations in place. A UGAmart requisition should not be initiated until authorization is received. The Procurement Office will only process requisitions for work that meets the requirements of this policy.


The Vice President for Finance and Administration (VPFA) is responsible for all Resident Instruction facilities, to include but is not limited to operation and maintenance, repairs, construction, renovations, alterations and demolition.

The Associate Vice President for the Office of University Architects for Facilities Planning (OUA) is responsible for planning the long-range development of the campus. OUA makes continuous studies of the physical needs of the University and coordinates the planning and construction of physical facilities. Present and future facility needs are determined by working closely with the various instructional and administrative departments. The office assembles all requests and analyzes all plans for expansion of facilities and changes, which affect the exterior appearance of the campus. OUA also manages new construction or capital improvement projects. OUA also provides design and construction support for Auxiliary and Administrative Services departments, Athletics, Housing and other campus organizations, and such other duties as may be assigned by the VPFA.

The Associate Vice President for Facilities Management Division (FMD) is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the university's facilities. This encompasses responsibility for building maintenance and repairs, building alterations, maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems, custodial services, and related activities. Additional responsibilities include operation of the steam and chiller plants and construction, operation, and maintenance of utility systems, providing engineering support, and operation of a warehouse. Other responsibilities include maintenance of roads and grounds, landscaping, maintaining an inventory of university buildings and land, vehicle rental pool, and automotive maintenance shop. FMD ensures facilities are operated and maintained in a technically and fiscally responsible manner, ensuring energy efficiency, life safety, and ADA compliance. FMD also provides engineering and maintenance support for Auxiliary and Administrative Services departments, Athletics, Housing and other campus organizations, and such other duties as may be assigned by the Vice President for Finance & Administration.

The Associate Vice President for Environmental Safety Division (ESD) is responsible for advising all campus organization with regard to health, safety, and environmental issues, recommending appropriate corrective actions or controls, and in some cases performing monitoring and project oversight. For the purpose of this policy, the OUA or FMD staff shall have responsibility for contacting ESD and ensuring ESD concerns are incorporated into the project scope of work.

The Office of Real Estate oversees all of the University real estate transactions and is responsible for coordinating and managing all real estate purchase and lease agreements.
The Office of Space Management (OSM) receives all requests for space and coordinates with the Office of the Provost on such requests to ensure space allocation occurs in a fair and transparent manner while simultaneously addressing the university’s strategic goals. Approved requests for space and the resulting changes of any such approval are coordinated through OSM. Additionally, OSM coordinates requests for demolition between the institution and the University System of Georgia.

The UGA Procurement Office is responsible for the procurement of supplies, materials, equipment and contractual services. The Procurement Office has responsibility, within the University, for negotiating, preparing, executing or recommending execution, awarding and administering all contracts, purchase orders and rental agreements which involve expenditures for supplies, materials, equipment and contractual services.

Date Issued: 02/01/2017

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