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Uniform Sign Design


View policy pdf: Uniform Sign Design Policy

Policy Statement

All exterior signage, including but not limited to permanent and temporary signage, banners, construction signs, donor signs, construction fencing windscreen and signage, etc. shall comply with the latest edition of the UGA Design & Construction Supplemental General Requirements & Standards (Standards) and guidelines references therein

Reason for policy

The University of Georgia campus consists of a mosaic of buildings and open space within an intricate fabric of natural landscape. Its unique vistas and environs warrant vigilant protection as these form a critical component of the university brand. Introduction of signage in the landscape and along architectural exteriors thus should comply with prescribed guidelines for suitability or otherwise warrant special review and approval through the Campus Environs Advisory Group.

Signage guidelines within the Standards offer a framework by which exterior signage is properly employed to provide clear information without cluttering the campus and detracting from its enjoyment. Protecting the campus from visual clutter protects the University's brand identity and renowned aesthetic character. Further, the framework contributes to a coherent and consistent wayfinding system across campus. Ultimately, the purpose of a sign is to provide information when needed and to fade into the background when not.


Email request for variances utilizing the Campus Environs Advisory Group form. Requests shall be emailed to

Additional contacts

Policy Contact: W. Brett Ganas, Facilities Management Division, Grounds Director

Policy Contact: Lara Mathes, Office of University Architects for Facilities Planning, Campus Planning Director

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Date Issued: 04/01/2017

Last Reviewed/Updated: