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Site Amenities & Outdoor Furniture


View policy pdf: Site Amenities & Outdoor Furniture Policy

All site amenities and outdoor furniture shall conform to UGA Design & Construction Supplemental General Requirements & Standards. Any requested variances shall be reviewed by the Campus Environs Advisory Group.

Reason for Policy

Utilitarian elements of the campus environs such as benches, bollards, outdoor tables, trash receptacles, and transportation shelters should be of similar, durable materials and color, and simple in design as to not compete with building architecture and landscapes. This also allows for re-use or relocation to other sites over time as landscapes evolve. Requests for unique, custom furnishings to complement a specific site or building are frequent. If each was considered in isolation on its own merits, many worthy proposals would be approved; but viewed cumulatively across time, these individual exceptions detract from a cohesive campus environs.


Responsible University Administrator: Office of University Architects for Facilities Planning

Policy Owner:

Policy Contact: Lara Mathes

Phone Number: 706-542-3605

Date Issued: 05/09/2018

Last Reviewed/Updated: