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Public Sculpture & Environmental Artworks


View policy pdf: Public Sculpture & Environmental Artworks Policy

The placement of outdoor sculpture and other artwork on campus is an essential element in creating an aesthetic and intellectually stimulating environment that at the same time educates the mind, raises the spirits, and delights the senses. In consonance with the University’s mission as a principal center of intellectual activity in our state, this campus is an especially suitable location for carefully sited works of outdoor art which celebrate and commemorate the spirit of the time. To protect the integrity of the campus environs, proposed public sculptures and other outdoor artworks shall be submitted via formal review and approval procedures prior to placement.


Responsible University Administrator: Office of University Architects for Facilities Planning

Policy Owner:

Policy Contact: Lara Mathes

Phone Number: 706-542-3605

Date Issued: 05/09/2018

Last Reviewed/Updated: