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Campus Environs Advisory Group


View policy pdf:Campus Environs Advisory Group Policy

Policy Statement

The Campus Environs Advisory Group shall be composed of a representative from the Office of University Architect for Facilities Planning, the Facilities Management Division Grounds Department, the College of Environment + Design, Marketing and Communications, and Development and Alumni Relations. The Campus Environs Advisory Group will also engage with the Lamar Dodd School of Art and the Georgia Museum of Art in the review of public sculpture and environmental art if the advisory group determines the need for this additional participation.

Reason for policy

A committee of persons responsible for and/or knowledgeable in campus aesthetics, spatial relationships and organizing principals, environmental art, and landscape design is established in order to provide a regular process for thoughtful review of proposals affecting the campus environs that deviate from those permitted under to the UGA Design & Construction Supplemental General Requirements & Standards.


The Office of University Architects will convene the Campus Environs Advisory Group quarterly as necessary to review requests for long-term placement of outdoor sculpture and environmental art per 2.4 Public Sculpture & Environmental Artworks, as well as any variance requests from 2.3 Uniform Sign Design and 2.5 Site Amenities & Outdoor Furniture.

Requests shall identify project contacts, department or organizational sponsors, as well as funding sources and anticipated budget. In the case of artwork, all pertinent information with respect to ownership, installation, maintenance, de-accessioning, or removal of the piece should be included.


Email request utilizing the Campus Environs Advisory Group form (see link). Requests shall be emailed to


Responsible University Administrator: Office of University Architects for Facilities Planning

Policy Owner:

Policy Contact: Lara Mathes

Phone Number: 706-542-3605

Date Issued: 05/09/2018

Last Reviewed/Updated: