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Advisory Group for Facilities Accessibility


View policy pdf: Advisory Group for Facilities Accessibility

Policy Statement

The Advisory Group for Facilities Accessibility shall be composed of at least one representative from the Office of University Architect for Facilities Planning, the Facilities Management Division, the Equal Opportunity Office, the Disability Resource Center, and UGA Housing. This Advisory Group supports the University of Georgia’s primary contact responsible for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) coordination which is the Director of the Equal Opportunity Office who also serves as the University of Georgia’s ADA / Section 504 Coordinator.

Reason for Policy

An advisory group of persons responsible for and/or knowledgeable in campus accessibility is established in order to provide a regular process for thoughtful planning and management of physical improvements to the campus in order to reduce access barriers. The advisory group shall review and prioritize requested campus modifications in order to optimize funds available for discrete accessibility improvements, address critical needs in a timely manner, and identify opportunities to remove physical barriers in conjunction with larger capital improvements.


The University ADA/504 Coordinator will convene the Advisory Group for Facilities Accessibility quarterly to review requests for facility modifications.

Requests shall identify existing barrier, proposed changes to provide access, requestor contact information, and department or organizational sponsors (if applicable).

The advisory group will review the request, determine implementation feasibility, evaluate any alternative accommodations, and prioritize based on funding availability and any other planned modifications.


Submit requests to the Advisory Group for Facilities Accessibility via this form.


Responsible University Administrator: ADA/504 Coordinator

Policy Owner: Equal Opportunity Office

Policy Contact:

Phone Number: 706-542-7912

Date Issued: 07/08/2021

Last Reviewed/Updated: