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Bursar Listing

1098-T Reporting

Administrative Overhead Assessment for Auxiliary Affiliate Units

B Unit Facilities and Administrative Recovery Assessment

Cancellation Provisions

Cash Management Returned Payments

Credit/Debit Cards

Deferment Postponement of Repayment

Deposits for Affiliates Foundations

Endowment and Trust funds

Establishing New University Endowment and Trust Funds

Establish New University Loan Funds

Establishment of Bank Account

Financial Aid Disbursement and Refunding Dates

Financial Aid Refund Policy

Incoming Wires

Late Fees

Loan Repayment

Long-Term Investments

Managing and Accounting for Endowment and Trust Funds

Managing and Accounting for Loan Funds

Methods of Disbursement and Refunding

Overpayment of Aid

Payment Deadlines

Petty Cash and Change Funds

Petty Cash Purchases

Receipting and Depositing Cash Check Wire Handling

Refund Policy

Registration Agreement

Returned Payments

Short-Term Investments

Student Account Fee Payment Deferral

Timeless of Deposits

Types of Endowment and Trust Funds