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Golf Course

Golf Course

View policy pdf: Golf Course Policy

Policy Statement

This policy follows the University System of Georgia (USG) policy except where identified in the section labelled Links below. UGA employees should adhere to the full USG Teleworking/Flextime Policy. Please use this website, also listed below, to submit teleworking and/or flextime requests.

Record retention

The Finance and Administration Auxiliary Services Division complies with the University of Georgia Business and Finance Records Retention Schedule in accordance with the guidelines adopted by the USG Board of Regents Records Retention Practices.


  • How are golf course fees determined? The Golf Course operates on a cost-recovery basis. Fees are determined by an annual review of operating costs, and capital expenditures. The final decision on fees also take into consideration our customer base, to provide the best possible service. Group outing and event fees are set such that the fee recovers the amount that would have been paid by individual customers during that same time frame. As a result, group outing and event fees vary according to seasonal demand.
  • How are course hours of operation determined? The University Golf Course operates from sunrise to sunset, 7 days per week. The course is closed for Christmas and Thanksgiving. Periodically the course will be closed for maintenance or inclement weather.
  • Can I rent the course? The University Golf Course is available for golf outings as well as other functions and events. Events are scheduled on an as-available basis, and typically must be scheduled several months in advance. Anyone may schedule an event. Fees for events vary according to seasonal demand.
  • What about inclement weather? The Golf Course inclement weather policy mirrors the University inclement weather policy. In the event that inclement weather occurs when UGA is ordinarily closed (during Christmas break for example), the Golf Course manager will determine if the course will be open or closed, and this information will be conveyed on the course website. Additionally, course employees constantly monitor the weather to ensure the safety of our patrons. A detection system is in place to warn customers of approaching lightning. If lightning is detected, play will be suspended until the danger has passed.

Related Information

For more information, please see our website: Please see the “Auxiliary Services – Authority to establish and operate” policy for more information about Auxiliary Services.


Responsible University Senior Administrator: Vice President for Finance & Administration

Responsible University Administrator: Associate Vice President Auxiliary Services

Policy Owner: Director, Auxiliary Services

Policy Contact: Matt Peterson, Manager – University Golf Course

Phone Number: 706-369-5739

Date Issued: 10/15/2012

Last Reviewed/Updated: