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Asset Management Listing

501(c)3 charitable organizations

Acquisition and Identification

Acquisition from Donation Asset Management

Acquisition from Purchase Asset Management

Acquisition from Transfer

Asset Acquisition

Acquisition from Donation

Acquisition from Purchase

Acquisition From Transfers From External Entities

Affixing Inventory Barcodes to Acquisitions

Affixing Vehicle Decals to Acquisitions

Annual Physical Inventory (by Printed Report)

Annual Physical Inventory (by Scanning)

Asset Acquisitions

Authorization for Vehicles to be Driven Home Overnight

Construction of Equipment

Controlled Assets


Destroyed Asset Management

Disposition of Sale

Georgia Code

Georgia Public School Systems

Items Excluded From Inventory

Loan of Assets


Lost Asset Management

Major Categories of Equipment

Normal Use of State Assets

Off Campus Use of Assets

Other Sources of Acquisition Asset Management

Other Sources of Acquisition

Printed Inventory Process of Conducting the Annual Inventory


Returned to Grantor

Returned to Grantor Asset Management

State of Georgia Capital Asset Guide



Surplus Asset Management

Theft/Stolen Vehicles


Traded In

Transfer Asset to Another Department for Use There

Transferred to Other State Agency

Transferred to Other State of Georgia Agencies or USG Institutions

Unallowable Dispositions

Use and Transfer of Grant Equipment

Use of State Vehicles Overnight Use and Vehicle Assignment