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UGA Stock Items and Bulk Paper

Administrative Services

View policy pdf: UGA Stock Items and Bulk Paper Policy

Policy Statement

UGA Stock Items and Bulk Paper are maintained for the purpose of stocking and issuing those items specific to UGA and which are commonly used by the various offices and departments throughout the University. Items are managed by Bulldog Print + Design.

Reason for policy

Items stocked are generally procured and customized for UGA in bulk quantities, in order to provide a greater discounted price for University departments.


  • UGA campus mail envelopes, UGA pocket folders, and cartons of paper are available through the UGA Stock Items and Bulk Paper punch out in UGAmart. Each item has a description, stock number, and unit price. All orders are emailed directly to Bulldog Print + Design through UGAmart. Bulldog Print + Design email is monitored throughout the day by a staff person.
  • Returns: Bulldog Print + Design will accept returned merchandise if returned within 30 days, in good sellable condition and in its original packaging. Please call 706-542-3446 for authorization to return merchandise.

Additional contacts

Richard Piotrowski
Interim Department Manager
Phone Number: 706-542-4440

Record Retention

This series documents the receipt of equipment, supplies, other items and services from vendors. The series includes: packing slips, shipping and container lists; and bills of lading.
Retention: 5 years
Citation or Reference: Shipping Records 0472-01-013


  • Can I split the charges for my order to more than one account number?
  • Unfortunately we cannot, our system will only accept one account number per purchase order.
  • What if I have a rush order?
  • Departments can contact Bulldog Print + Design at 706-542-4440 to determine item availability.
  • Do you have next day delivery?
  • Yes, merchandise ordered from UGA Stock Items and Bulk Paper punch out on UGAmart can be delivered the next business day.


Responsible University Senior Administrator: Vice President for Finance & Administration

Responsible University Administrator: Associate Vice President for Finance Division

Policy Owner: Administrative Services

Policy Contact: Richard Piotrowski, Interim Department Manager

Phone Number: 706-542-4440

Date Issued:

Last Reviewed/Updated: