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Site Navigation Tips

The new site has a standard format so that all entries are organized in the same manner.

Finding a policy:

    1. Links to the Finance and Administration homepage and to the policies for Academic Affairs, Board of Regents, External Affairs, UGA Foundation and Research Administration may be found at the top of the site.
    2. Policies are now numbered to assist with organization and navigation.
    3. Topics may be searched in three ways:
  • Keywords may be entered in the Keyword Search box located on the left hand side of the webpage,
  • An item may be selected from the Table of Contents listed on the left hand side of the webpage, or
  • The policy number may be entered in the Keyword Search box.


Helpful tips:

    1. Each subject area section (ex. Finance, or Payroll) includes a link for its Table of Contents, shown as (table of contents), on the left hand side of the webpage. Detailed information about the contents of the section may be formed by clicking this link.
    2. Each policy includes a list of "sections" as follows: Policy Statement, Reason for Policy, Procedures, Forms/Instructions, Additional Contacts, Policy Definitions, Responsibilities, Record Retention, Policy Appendices, FAQ, and Related Information.
  • Sections containing content are underlined. Users can click on the link to navigate to that section of the policy.
  • Every policy includes a Policy Statement, but not all policies include content for other sections. Policy sections containing no content are not underlined.
    1. Websites and Forms identified in the policy are linked. The link will appear as underlined text.
    2. Once users select a policy, links indicating the location in the Table of Contents will appear at the top of the policy. For example:
  • Finance and Administration >> Finance >> Accounting Principles >> Chart of Accounts
  • Users may click on any of these to quickly navigate back to that location.
  1. At the bottom of the policy text, users may utilize links to the previous policy as well as the next policy in the Table of Contents. This will appear as << Example Policy 1 | Example Policy 2 >>
  2. Changes to a policy may be monitored by utilizing the RSS Feed for that policy. The RSS Feed is a feature that tracks changes to the policies in the library. When policies are updated or added, the contents of the RSS feed are altered to reflect these changes. The end user is notified of these changes by software on their computer which is monitoring the RSS feed. Most web browsers and Email clients, including Outlook, have this functionality built in. Instructions for configuring an RSS feed in Outlook may be found by clicking here. The feed URL is found in the navigation menu on the left side of this page, under the orange icon labeled "Feeds". The feed URL on any given page is specific to the policy currently being viewed, and will include any subsidiary policies and folders contained within it. Users must select a category of policies to monitor with RSS; it is not possible to monitor all of the policies by selecting the feed on the main page. To receive update feeds for more than one category of policies, add additional feeds to your software for each category you wish to monitor.


Please direct any questions or revision suggestions about the new Library to Crystal Rogers at