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Information Technology (IT)

    • Last Updated: 06/17/2016
    • Effective Date:

    Policy Statement
    The University of Georgia will comply with the requirements of the Georgia Technology Authority, the Department of Administrative Services, the University System of Georgia (USG), and State law when processing technology procurements. Additionally the University requires departments initiating technology projects that have a one year cumulative cost of $10,000 or more* to obtain Computer Equipment, Software, and Services (CESS) approval.
    Reason for policy
    To maintain compliance with State and USG requirements related to technology purchases and to provide guidance for departments in processing these purchases

    Computer Equipment, Software, and Services (CESS):

    CESS approval is required for all technology projects with a one year accumulative cost of $10,000 or more*.  The cumulative cost is based on the total cost of the project and not on individual requisitions.

    Additionally, as necessitated by the University’s increased focus on information security and risk management, some technology projects (or a single purchase) costing less than $10,000 may require CESS approval.

    Any IT purchase that may process, store, or transmit sensitive information, and/or be classified as critical to the University requires CESS approval. Accordingly, departments are responsible for completing the two security questions on the CESS form.

    *IT projects with a one year accumulative total of $500,000 or more will also require approval from the Office of Information and Instructional Technology at the Board of Regents. In order for the Office of the Chief Information Officer to submit the CESS to the Board of Regents, the information listed below must be provided in a PDF document and electronically attached to the CESS form. Approval from the BOR generally takes 10-15 business days.

    Additionally, the below chart provides details of the changes that occurred in the CESS procedure as of July 1, 2012

    IT Project whose total cost estimate is:

    New Guidelines effective July 1, 2012

    Prior Guidelines



    Security Plan required, only if at least one “yes” to the security questions on CESS form

    No CESS required

    Security has evolved to being a more critical evaluation factor (vs. dollar amount)


    CESS Required

    CESS Required

    No Change


    CESS Required (do not have to answer BOR questions unless requested by CIO)

    CESS Required with BOR questions for approval

    BOR has delegated UGA CIO authority at the $500,000 and below level


    CESS Required with BOR questions for approval

    CESS Required with BOR questions for approval

    No Change


    Refer to the EITS website for CESS details regarding: How to submit, when to submit and who is responsible for submitting.

    The CESS approval form is available within UGAmart by clicking on ‘forms’ followed by clicking on ‘Organization Forms’.
    Additional contacts
    Belinda Agnew or Lesa Meeks at 706-542-5110

    Responsible University Senior Administrator: Vice President for Finance & Administration 

    Policy Owner: Procurement 

    Policy Contact: Annette Evans 

    Phone Number: 706-542-2361 

    Responsibilities: It is the responsibility of the end user/requisitioning department to ensure that a proper CESS approval has been obtained prior to initiating a requisition in UGAmart. 

    Responsibilities: It is the responsibility of the requisitioning department to include the CESS approval number on any requisitions resulting from a CESS approval prior to submitting the requisition to Procurement for processing.  The CESS approval number should be added to the CESS approval number field on the requisition.

    Record Retention

    Records may include but are not limited to: purchase requests; purchase orders; supplies, and services; and related documentation and correspondence.

    Record Copy: Procurement

    Retention:  7 years, BOR 072-03-009


    Question 1?  Will my requisition be rejected by Procurement if I fail to include the CESS approval number on my requisition?

    Answer 1.  Yes, requisitions which require a CESS approval number will be rejected if the CESS approval number is not listed in the CESS approval number field of the requisition.  Requisitions must contain the CESS approval number in the appropriate field so that EITS can review the requisitions to ensure the items/services being procured match what they approved.