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Orders for Supplies, Materials and Services Less Than $25,000

    Policy Statement
    Competitive bidding is not required for supplies, materials, and non-public works purchases under $25,000; however, for requests $10,000- $24,999.99, departments are to obtain competitive pricing in the form of three quotes or provide justification for procuring without the three quotes prior to submitting a purchase request.
    Reason for policy
    O.C.G.A. 50-5-69 states that for supplies, materials, equipment and non-public works services that can be procured for less than $25,000 (given the item(s) are not on a mandatory statewide contract or available from any other required source) may be done so in a manner that is without competitive bidding.

    1)    Campus end-users create a cart/purchase requisition within UGAmart providing Procurement with an accurate description of the item(s) to purchase.  The end-user is responsible for providing specifications of the item(s) so that the Procurement personnel can determine what is being requested for purchase.  The end-user also needs to include any particular delivery method that is needed and the quantities to be purchased. 

    2)    For purchases between $10,000 and $24,999.99, the end-user should obtain and attach three quotes or justification for procuring without three quotes (i.e. sole source, item only available from two distributors etc.).  Procurement will review the requisition and documentation, obtain any additional forms required by federal requirements, and will release a purchase order once all requirements have been satisfied.

    3)    Within the review, Procurement will ensure that the items requested are not required to be purchased from a mandatory statewide contract or any other required source.  However, if the items are required to be purchased utilizing a mandatory statewide contract/other required source, the Procurement Office may submit a waiver to State Purchasing on behalf of the end-user once the end-user has provided substantial justification of benefit to the University.

    4)    Procurement will issue a purchase order to the end-user’s recommended vendor for these types of purchases, once the following determinations are made:

    1. Items are not available on a mandatory statewide contract
    2. Items are not required to be purchased from a mandatory source/other required source
    3. Waiver is granted from State Purchasing.
    SPD-NI005State-wide contract waiver request form (to be completed by Procurement)
    Additional contacts
    Procurement Office Staff 706-542-2361
    Policy definitions
    1)    Open Market – purchasing method that allows the end-user to identify their choice of vendor/supplier if the total amount of the purchase will be less than $25,000.  If the total amount will be over $25,000, the Procurement Office will determine the vendor by the process listed in section

    Responsible University Senior Administrator: Vice President for Finance & Administration 

    Responsible University Administrator: Procurement Officer 

    Policy Owner:Procurement 

    Policy Contact: Annette Evans 

    Phone Number: 706-542-2361 


    1)    If a department would like a waiver to be requested, the department shall assist the Procurement Office in providing justification to complete the waiver; however, once Procurement receives sufficient justification, Procurement will be responsible for completing and submitting the waiver to State Purchasing for review.

    2)    Quotes or justification for the lack of quotes should be attached to the internal note  or internal attachment portions of UGAmart.

    Record Retention

    For all other expenditure types, records may include but are not limited to: purchase requests; purchase orders; supplies, and services; and related documentation and correspondence.

    Record Copy: Procurement

    Retention:  5 years, BOR 0472-03-001