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Purchase Requests

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  • Effective Date: 01/01/2016

Policy Statement
Purchasing authority is granted to the University of Georgia, College and University Procurement Officer (CUPO), by the State Department of Administrative Services (DOAS), State Purchasing Division (SPD) and the Board of Regents (BOR).  In accordance with O.C.G.A. Section 50-5-69, SPD may, at its discretion, delegate purchasing authority to State Entities to permit those State Entities to make purchases on their own behalf.
Reason for policy
This policy provides guidelines for purchases that are conducted as a result of a purchase request, which is also known as a requisition within UGAmart.
The University of Georgia’s purchasing system, UGAmart, is utilized to establish all purchase requests.  Within UGAmart a purchase request is called a requisition.   UGAmart requisitions must be utilized for all purchases that are not allowable under one of the other purchasing methods (i.e. p-card, check request or petty cash).   Specific procedures for processing purchase requests are addressed throughout the remainder of policy section 2.2.
Policy definitions

BOR: Board of Regents

CUPO: College and University Procurement Officer

DOAS: Department of Administrative Services

P-Card: Purchasing card

Purchase Request/Requisition: The mechanism utilized by a campus unit to request Procurement to initiate a purchase on their behalf which will result in the issuance of a purchase order by Procurement.

SPD: State Purchasing Division

State Entity: A department, institution, or agency of the State of Georgia


Responsible University Senior Administrator: Vice President for Finance & Administration

Responsible University Administrator: Procurement Officer

Policy Owner: Procurement

Policy Contact: Annette Evans

Phone Number: (706) 542-2361


How do I get access to UGAmart?

Have the responsible person within your department email the Procurement Systems Specialist shown on theProcurement staff website. A link to this website is provided under Related Information for your reference. Please note that everyone has shopper capabilities within UGAmart.  If you need additional roles, the responsible person will need to request set up for those roles in accordance with the foregoing information.

If I already purchased the item, can I submit a requisition in UGAmart to request payment to the vendor?

No, you must  either 1) handle the payment via p-card if it is an allowable p-card purchase and the vendor will accept a credit card, or 2) submit a check request and if  the purchase is not allowed via check request procedures, then follow the Unauthorized Purchases Procedure set forth in Policy 2.2.10. A link to this policy is provided under Related Information.

If I already purchased the item with personal funds, can I submit a requisition in UGAmart for reimbursement?

No, you must submit a check request. Please reference Policy 2.1 on how to submit a check request.