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Policy Statement
The University of Georgia will comply with State and Board of Regents regulations related to p-card purchases of food and catering.
Reason for policy
State Purchasing Division and Board of Regents regulations require the University to comply with their policies related to p-card purchases for food/catering.

Section 6.1 of the UGA P-Card Manual provides details of food and catering purchases that are allowable when purchased with a p-card.  The following categories of purchases may be allowable under certain circumstances:

  • Student Food
  • Food for Instructional Uses
  • Food for Official Research
  • Employee Group Meals
  • Resellers
  • Food Purchased for Use Based on Organizational Mission
  • Food Purchased for Conferences/Workshops 

The cardholder should refer to the above sections to ascertain what is allowable under each scenario and the procedures that are applicable for each type of food or catering purchase and category.

If should be noted that alcohol cannot be purchased on the p-card in any circumstance.

Additional contacts

Sam Chafin, Lynn Stephens, Dawn Cowart 

Phone Number: 706-542-2361

Policy definitions
Food includes water and beverages.

Responsible University Senior Administrator: Vice President for Finance & Administration 

Responsible University Administrator: Procurement Officer 

Policy Owner: Procurement 

Policy Contact: Sam Chafin, Lynn Stephens, Dawn Cowart  

Phone Number: 706-542-2361

Responsibilities: It is the responsibility of the cardholder to ensure p-card purchases adhere to UGA policy and procedure.  

Responsibilities:  It is the responsibility of the approving official to review p-card purchases for adherence to UGA policy and procedure.

Record Retention

Series documents administration of credit cards and P-Cards issued to institutional staff and units. Records may include: applications; master monthly billing statements; individual card holders' statements; billing summaries; printouts including vendor analysis by code; number of charges and stores; use summaries; related correspondence.

Retention:  7 years, BOR 0472-03-013

For expenditures processed with grant funding, all documentation should be retained for the life of the grant plus seven (7) years.  0472-09-006

UGA P-Card Manual

Date Reviewed: 02/09/2018