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Duties and Responsibilities of Individuals Having P-Card Roles

    Policy Statement
    The University of Georgia will comply with State Purchasing Division and Board of Regents regulations regarding the administration of the p-card program by requiring certain individuals to perform certain duties.  UGA has implemented these requirements along with some internal requirements in Section 12.0 of the UGA P-Card Manual.  Individuals with roles in p-card administration include: 1) cardholder, 2) department head, 3) approving official, and 4) facilitator.
    Reason for policy
    This policy is to ensure that the University maintains compliance with State Purchasing Division and Board of Regents p-card regulations associated with identifying the roles and respective duties of individuals who hold a p-card or are responsible for the administration of any aspect of the p-card program at UGA.

    Duties to be performed by individuals holding roles within the p-card program are identified in Section 12.0 of the UGA P-Card Manual.  A brief summary is provided below but a review of the more comprehensive and detailed listing of the roles and their associated duties found in the Manual is recommended.

    1. Cardholder
      1. Attend initial training prior to receipt of new p-carB.Complete refresher training annually or as often as directed by the Procurement Office.
      2. Complete refresher training annually or as often as directed by the Procurement Office.
      3. Record each transaction on a transaction log
      4. Ensure that merchants do not charge tax or provide a credit for inadvertent charges
      5. Provide adequate documentation for each transaction
      6. Sign and date the transaction log and monthly reconciled billing statement
      7. Report any personal charge immediately
      8. Notify the approving official, department head and p-card administrators if terminating UGA employment or transferring to another department so the p-card can be cancelled.
    2. Department Head
      1. Sole authority for assignment of p-cards and roles
      2. Approve the issuance of new cards and set the single transaction and monthly credit limits
      3. Complete refresher training annually or as often as directed by the Procurement Office
      4. Ensure monthly review and segregation of duties
      5. Establish and maintain internal controls
      6. Re-evaluate transaction and spending limits periodically, at least annually
    3. Approving Official
      1. Must serve in a “supervisory capacity” to the cardholder
      2. Attend training prior to assuming the role of approving official
      3. Complete refresher training annually or as often as directed by the Procurement Office
      4. Review the p-card purchases of assigned cardholders on at least a monthly basis
      5. Ensure a propriety review was conducted
      6. Ensure cardholder has signed and dated both the monthly billing statement and transaction log
      7. Sign the bank statement to indicate that reconciliation and review of transactions has been completed by the approving official
      8. Identify any policy violations, discuss such with cardholders, and report to either University Business and Accounting Services (personal misuse) or p-card administrators (all other violations).
      9. Ensure the p-card has been cancelled, all transactions signed off in WORKStm,and adequate documentation exists if cardholder is no longer employed by UGA or has transferred to a new department.
    4. Other Mandatory Duties/Functions that may be performed by cardholder, approving official, department head or facilitator

      1.  Complete refresher training annually or as often as directed by the Procurement Office
      2. Enter detailed comments in WORKStmthat describe the item/service purchased
      3. Change default account code in WORKStm, if necessary
      4. Allocate the object code in WORKStm
      5. Perform first level of sign off in WORKStm
      6. Perform second level of sign off in WORKStm
      7. Reconcile the monthly bank statement to the signed transaction log, receipts, invoices, and other supporting documentation
      8. Retain the reconciliation package.


    Additional contacts

    Jill Haag, Lynn Stephens 

    Phone Number: 706-542-2361

    Policy definitions

    Adequate Documentation: As defined by the BOR BPM (Section 3.3.7, subsection 8):  Cardholders must retain receipts for all purchases made on the p-card.  The receipt should include vendor name, transaction amount, date, and an itemized list of items purchased.  Copies or facsimiles of the original receipt may be acceptable if the original is not available.  A screen-print or order confirmation email is required when making internet purchases, or a copy of an order-form that was mailed to a vendor to request an item.  The screen print/order confirmation must include the shipping date and be signed as received. Receipts and supporting documentation shall be made available as needed for audit or review.

    Propriety Review: A propriety review indicates that the purchase was reasonable, appropriate and necessary while also in compliance with p-card rules and regulations.

    Personal Purchases: Personal purchases are defined as purchases of goods or services intended for non-work related use or use other than official State business.

    Supervisory Capacity:  The individual assigned as the approving official must serve in a “supervisory capacity” to the cardholder.  Supervisory capacity means that the approving official must have hiring, firing, and salary/raise decision making responsibilities for the cardholders assigned to him/her.  Auditors will be looking to see if the approving official is in the supervisory chain of authority within the organization chart for each cardholder.


    WORKStm :  Under the Statewide Purchasing Card Program, Bank of America provides the State and all agencies with the WORKStm Payment Manager application.  This application is web based and allows cardholders and other designated individuals the on line ability to review p-card transactions.  The system also facilitates the allocation of funds to the appropriate University account and object code. Reports regarding p-card use may be obtained through the system.  


    Responsible University Senior Administrator: Vice President for Finance & Administration 

    Responsible University Administrator: Procurement Officer 

    Policy Owner: Procurement 

    Policy Contact: Jill Haag, Lynn Stephens 

    Phone Number: 706-542-2361

    Record Retention

    Series documents administration of credit cards and P-Cards issued to institutional staff and units. Records may include: applications; master monthly billing statements; individual card holders' statements; billing summaries; printouts including vendor analysis by code; number of charges and stores; use summaries; related correspondence.

    Retention:  7 years, BOR 0472-03-013

    For expenditures processed with grant funding, all documentation should be retained for the life of the grant plus seven (7) years.  0472-09-006 

    Reconciled billing packages signed by the Cardholder and Approving Official must be retained for a period of seven (7) years.


    Question 1. Can the approving official and the department head be the same individual?

    Answer 1.   Yes.  The department head may also act as an approving official. 

    Question 2. I’m transferring to another department, can I take my p-card with me?

    Answer 2.  No.  If you will need a p-card to perform the duties associated with your new job, the new department head will need to submit a New P-Card Request Form to the p-card administrators. 

    Question 3.  I am a cardholder, can I also serve as my own approving official?

    Answer 3:  No.  A person serving in a “supervisory capacity” must be your approving official.