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Purchasing Card (P-Card)

  • Last Updated: 09/11/2013
  • Effective Date:

Policy Statement
The University of Georgia offers a purchasing card program for use in conducting University business.  The VISA Purchasing Card, issued by Bank of America, is a cost-efficient method for employees to make official purchases at retail locations, over the phone or via the internet including purchases from statewide contracts or agency contracts.  This p-card program is the only purchasing card program authorized for use by employees of the University.   State Purchasing and Board of Regents both provide p-card policies which have been incorporated in the UGA p-card policies and procedures.
Reason for policy
To provide an understanding of the p-card program and the basis of UGA p-card policies and procedures.
Procedures related to obtaining and using a p-card are covered in detail in other sections of the policy and procedure manual.   Additionally, the p-card manual contains all relevant information in one document.
Additional contacts

Jill Haag, Lynn Stephens 

Phone Number: 706?542?2361

Policy definitions
P-Card – Purchasing Card

Responsible University Senior Administrator: Vice President for Finance & Administration 

Responsible University Administrator:  Procurement Officer 

Policy Owner: Procurement 

Policy Contact: Jill Haag, Lynn Stephens 

Phone Number: 706?542?2361