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IRS W2 Policy

  • Last Updated: 01/06/2017
  • Effective Date:

Policy Statement
The University of Georgia Payroll Department will produce an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statement annually for each employee earning wages during the calendar year.   
Reason for policy
The IRS requires a Form W-2 to be provided by any employer engaged in a trade or business that pays compensation to an employee for work performed. This policy implements the rules for providing Form W-2 to employees found in IRS instructions for Form W-2.

A Form W-2 must be completed and furnished to each employee earning wages during the year by the last working day of January of the following year. The W-2 information for employees must be verified for accuracy in formatting standards by processing the file through AccuWage, software provided by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Afterward, the file is submitted electronically to the Social Security Administration. The deadline for electronic submission of the W-2 file is the last working day of March.  

Employees who opt-in for the electronic W-2 will be able to view their W-2s online before the end of January. Paper W-2s for active employees who don’t opt-in for the electronic W-2 are distributed to departments in the same manner as payroll checks a few days after electronic W-2s are available. The Payroll Department will mail W-2s for employees shown as terminated in the payroll system.

All W-2s are available for viewing online by active employees on February 1.

Additional contacts

Amanda Webb

Phone Number:706-542-6935


Responsible University Senior Administrator: Vice President for Finance & Administration

Responsible University Administrator: Associate Vice President for University Business and Accounting Services

Policy Owner: Payroll


Policy Contact:Julie Camp

Phone Number:706-542-3431

Record Retention
Explanation: This series provides a summary record of data reported on the annual Wage and Tax Statements (W-2) for the institutional employees. This series consists of print-outs from the Controllers Division by year in social security number order, which include: social security numbers; names; tax subject earnings; and other data required by law. [Board of Regents: Wage and Tax Statements (W-2 forms) 0472-04-047]
Policy Appendices
  • How do I request a copy of a W-2?

You may now get copies of your past W-2 forms (starting with 2005) on the “UGA Self-Service Website,” found above in “Appendices.” Select “My Paychecks & W-2s.” After answering your secret question, choose “My W-2s” and choose the W2 for the appropriate tax year. If you are no longer employed by UGA, send an email the Payroll Department requesting the W-2 and year. Please provide your full name, last four digits of social security number, and indicate whether you would like to pick up your forms or have them mailed. Provide your current address for mailing.