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Time and Attendance Recordkeeping for Exempt Employees (Monthly and Academic/Summer School Payrolls)

Policy Statement

Payments for personal services for exempt employees are generated from authorizations created via budget development and electronic personnel documents. Leave time is recorded and maintained in the UGA eLeave system. A link to access the eLeave system can be found under Related Information.

Please note that the link provided under Policy Appendices, entitled Payroll Instructions, can be used for help in addition to this policy.

Reason for policy
The University of Georgia must establish a mechanism for paying and recording leave for exempt employees.

Creation of Monthly and Academic Payrolls

Monthly and academic payroll payments are generated from authorizations created via budget development and electronic personnel documents. It is the department’s responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the payroll data prior to the run date of the payroll each month.If changes are needed, they must be made through completion and approval of a personnel document by the appropriate deadlines for the Budget Office & Payroll. A link to the Payroll Calendars that communicate such deadlines is included under Related Information.

The Payroll Office will no longer process any manual changes to payroll data on behalf of a department. A Personnel Form must be processed to change payroll data. Personnel forms require approval from multiple offices; therefore, departments should allow sufficient time for complete approval of the personnel document by the payroll deadline. If the personnel document setting up a new employee for the current month is not approved by the payroll deadline, no paycheck will be issued for that period. A Personnel Form is submitted through the WebDFS System. Accordingly, a link to the form (through WebDFS) is provided under the Forms/Instructions section of this policy. A link to the WebDFS System is also found under Related Information.

Accessing Payroll Reports

Departments should regularly review reports that indicate the payroll amounts to be issued to employees for each monthly/academic pay period and the accounts to be charged. These are known as payroll reports. Departments should review payroll reports prior to each payroll run. To check the timing of payroll runs, please consult the link to Payroll Calendars provided under Related Information. If adjustments are necessary, a new personnel report will need to be completed. A payroll report will contain data only if you have payroll QMF access rights.

The report can be accessed as follows:

- access the WebDFS system (link under Related Information)

- click the Payroll Reports link

- click the Monthly or Academic report link

- click the Report button

- if the report is blank, close all of your browser windows and try again

- if the report is still blank, contact and inquire about your payroll QMF access

Posting Monthly and Academic Leave

Leave for monthly and academic employees, also known as exempt employees, must be recorded in the eLeave system. Leave taken by hourly/salaried (non-exempt) employees will be processed through the Kronos MyTime system; however, leave adjustments for hourly/salaried employees will be entered into the eLeave system. A link to access the eLeave system can be found under Related Information

On the first day of a month, any leave taken and/or earned for the prior month will be posted to the current month. For example, leave taken on April 15th would be posted as early as May 1.

Leave adjustments: Leave taken, but not posted for a preceding month, can be entered by a leave adjustment or in the eLeave system by date of leave taken in a previous month. When an employee separates from the University, any payout of annual leave must be entered via a leave adjustment and on a personnel document.

Leave approval: All leave taken and adjusted should be documented, approved, and reviewed by the employee’s supervisor. Example of leave approval process:

  • Employee prepares a Leave Request Form, approves it, and submits it to the supervisor.
  • The supervisor approves the leave form and gives it to the person who enters leave in the eLeave system.
  • Supervisor reviews leave in eLeave system each month to ensure that appropriate leave hours were recorded.

A link to the Human Resources Leave Request Form can be found under the Forms/Instructions heading below. Please keep in mind that certain departments may have their own leave request form, while other departments may not have access to an electronic leave request at all.

Relocation Payments

Relocation payments are a type of special payroll payments. These payments are made to reimburse eligible employees for taxable moving expenses. Accounts Payable is responsible for determining the taxable portion of relocation payments paid to employees. A member of the Accounts Payable staff will contact the employee’s department and provide the relocation information that the department will use to complete a personnel form.

A payment in a RELOC L A position should be submitted on a monthly personnel report. If the relocation payment is being issued before the employee starts working, please submit the personnel form for the employee’s UGA position before the personnel form for the relocation payment.

A link for Relocation Personnel Instructions can be found under Policy Appendices.

Extra Compensation Payments   

In unique circumstances, payments are made to employees in addition to their regular UGA pay. These extra compensation payments are another type of special payroll payment. Extra comp payments are taxed at a rate of 25% for Federal tax and 6% for State tax. Examples of types of extra comp payments include monthly extra comp payments, bi-weekly extra comp payments, payments for Consulting Service Agreements between Institutions, and foundation award payments.

The Request for Extra Compensation for Faculty and Exempt Staff form must be completed, approved, and sent to the Payroll Department before the extra comp payment can be paid to the employee. A link to this form is provided in the Forms/Instructions section below. A link to Special Pay Personnel Form Instructions can be found under Policy Appendices.

Additional contacts

Debbie Christopher

Phone Number: (706) 542-6966

Policy definitions
Exempt Employee: Employees who are not subject to the Federal Wage-Hour Law and thus are not paid overtime along with other provisions of the law.

Responsible University Senior Administrator: Vice President for Finance & Administration

Responsible University Administrator:   Associate Vice President for University Business and Accounting Services

Policy Owner: Payroll

Policy Contact: Christy Coddington

Phone Number: (706) 542-6971

Record Retention

This series documents time and attendance and leave for faculty, classified and student employees. Records include: monthly time entry forms which may include hours worked, leave used, employee's name, supervisor's authorization, earnings information, and time distribution information; leave request forms; overtime authorization or certification; leave summary reports; leave without pay records;   Work-Study time certificates and referrals; and related documentation. Use of a personnel file closeout form is recommended to record cumulative leave at time of employee separation (BOR: 0472-04-039).

Record Copy: Employee’s department

Retention: Department - Individual Leave Notifications: 4 years (BOR: 0472-04-039); Human Resources -Employee Cumulative Leave Record: 50 years (BOR: 0472-04-016).

Policy Appendices

Who do I contact for questions on personnels and special payments?

Please contact Payroll by email ( or phone (706-542-6971).

Who do I contact for questions about the eLeave system?

Please contact the Human Resources department by email (hrweb@uga.ed) or phone (706-542-0196).