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Payroll Emergency Checks

Policy Statement
When a department fails to pay an employee all or part of his or her pay, an emergency check may be requested by the employee’s department. The Payroll Department will calculate the check using the deductions the employee currently has taken from his/her pay and issue approximately 95% of the calculated amount on the emergency check.
Reason for policy
A mechanism is required to ensure that employees who have been left off of payroll can receive funds that they have earned.

The emergency check is issued from Payroll’s petty cash account, or, if the employee has established a direct deposit account, an Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment from the Payroll account is sent to the employee’s current bank account. Because the missed payment was not processed through the payroll system, the department requesting the emergency check must back pay the employee by submitting a new personnel for the following pay period. Please reference Payroll Policy 7 for information on personnel documents. A link to this policy is included below in Related Information.

To accomplish the issuance of an emergency check, the following should occur:

  • A current personnel report and the Request for Emergency Check form should be sent to the Payroll Department ( or faxed to 706-542-6779. A link to the Request for Emergency Check form can be found below in the Forms/Instructions section.
  • The employee will receive two separate checks when he/she is back paid. One will be for current period pay and one will be for the back pay. Deductions for benefits (insurance, Medflex, etc.) may have to be doubled to ensure proper payment and will most likely be deducted from the current pay check. Employee Benefits (706-542-2222) should be contacted for additional information. A deduction identified as “Pay Clear” will be taken from the payment for the missed period, and it will be the amount of the emergency check previously issued by the Payroll Department.

Payroll does not issue emergency checks for less than $100 unless the affected employee would otherwise suffer an extreme financial hardship.

Payroll emergency checks can be picked up at the Payroll window by either the employee or someone authorized to pick up payroll checks. Proper identification is required. It is very important that these checks are picked up in a timely manner.

Additional contacts

Ashley Wright

Phone Number: 706-542-6929

Policy definitions
Personnel Report: Form used to document the employment, termination, or change in status of all employees.

Responsible University Senior Administrator: Vice President for Finance & Administration

Responsible University Administrator: Associate Vice President for University Business and Accounting Services

Policy Owner: Payroll


Policy Contact: Julie Camp

Phone Number: 706-542-3431

Record Retention

Explanation: This series documents each check issued from an institutional revolving fund for payroll draws, final pay, or special pay. This series contains copies of issued checks showing: name; date issued; social security number; amount; check disposition; and other data elements. (Payroll Records 0472-04-25)

Record Copy: Payroll

Retention: 1 year after separation of employee


I am the payroll administrator for my department and failed to pay a new employee by submitting a personnel report. Is there anything I can do to pay the employee?

It is very important to process payroll paperwork correctly and in a timely fashion. If circumstances warrant, you can request an emergency check. Send the Request for Emergency Check form to the payroll office (fax 542-6779) or email ( You will have to back pay the full gross amount by submitting a new personnel for the following pay period. Payroll will deduct the amount of the emergency check from the backpay check.