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Delivery of Non-Direct Deposit Payroll Checks

Policy Statement
Employees that are granted an exemption from participating in direct deposit or whose direct deposit has not been fully established by the prenote process will receive a paper check. An employee may request that the check be held at the Payroll office window (Distribution Code 100) for pick up or be included with his or her department’s other paper checks and advisements.
Reason for policy
This policy was established to give an employee the ability to determine where his or her check or advisement is distributed.

An employee wishing to have his/her payroll check delivered to the Payroll window or picked up by a department other than their home department should request that the departmental payroll representative at the desired location initiate the Request for Delivery of Payroll Check or Deposit Payment form. A link to this form can be found below under the Forms/Instructions section.

The form should be completed as follows:

  • Distribution Code: Enter the correct departmental distribution code. Please see the Payroll Distributions Codes link under Related Information to find the appropriate code for each department. Use code 100 if the check is to be picked up at the Payroll office window.
  • Name of Distribution: Enter the name of the distribution location (department).
  • Bldg & Room Number: Enter the campus address of the distribution location.
  • Date: Enter the date the form is completed.
  • Authorizing Signature: This form may be signed by the departmental payroll representative or the employee requesting the service. Unsigned forms will not be processed.
  • Payment Code: Enter “C” if the employee is paid by check
  • Pay Type Code: Enter the following codes for each type of pay:

              I.      Monthly-11

             II.      Academic-14

            III.      Salaried Bi-Weekly-21

            IV.      Hourly Bi-Weekly-31

  • Employee Name: Enter employee’s full name.
  • UGA ID: Enter employee’s 9 digit UGA ID number.

The form should be forwarded to the Payroll Department at least ten days prior to the pay date for which the change is requested. 

Payroll checks coded for distribution at the Payroll window will only be released to the employee, a documented authorized departmental receiver, or individuals authorized in writing by the employee. With the Payroll Manager’s authorization, the final check for a terminated employee and the checks for employees who are permanently stationed at an out-of-town location may be mailed; however, no checks are mailed to employees with an Athens, Georgia address. 

Payroll checks and advisements that are not individually distributed at the Payroll window will be grouped by department and released to an authorized departmental receiver.  Distribution of checks to employees is the responsibility of the departments, and a check cannot be pulled by Payroll staff and given to an individual employee before being released to the departmental receiver.  This policy is necessary to maintain proper control over the checks. The names of the authorized receivers appear on the address label on the payroll distribution roster. Changes to the list of receivers for a distribution code are made via a letter signed by the department head to the Payroll Department or by having the department head send an email to the Payroll Department. 

Additional contacts

Kasey Hillsman

Phone Number: 706-542-3431


Responsible University Senior Administrator: Vice President for Finance & Administration

Responsible University Administrator: Associate Vice President for University Business and Accounting Services

Policy Owner: Payroll

Policy Contact: Julie Camp

Phone Number: 706-542-3431

Record Retention

This series documents the locations assigned for delivery of salary payments to employees. This series may include but is not limited to: paycheck deposit authorization forms; payroll check delivery logs; and related correspondence.

Record Copy: Payroll

Retention: 3 years (payroll check delivery logs and until superseded); 1 year after employee separation for all other records

Citation or Reference: Board of Regents: Payroll Records 0472-04-25


How do I request a copy of a paycheck stub?

Visit the UGA Self-Service Website to print your paycheck stubs. A link to the website is found under Related Information below. If you are no longer employed by UGA, call or e-mail the Payroll Department. The stub can either be mailed to your home address or you can come by the Payroll window and pick it up.  Picture ID is required to pick up the paycheck stub.