Vehicle Assigment

  • Last Updated: 05/24/2016
  • Effective Date:

Policy Statement
In order to comply with state regulations, all UGA departmental vehicles must display the agency logo as well the unit number as assigned by the Automotive Center with the exception of certain UGA police vehicles.
Reason for policy
The State requires visual recognition of all agency vehicles to ensure safety and agency accountability in regards to the operation and liability associated with a registered vehicle.
All newly acquired vehicles must be received at the Automotive Center from the vendor with the exception of buses and police vehicles.  The Fleet Manager assigns a five digit unit number to the vehicle.  Per the state of Georgia, the Automotive Center will apply the UGA decal and unit number on the vehicle; the departmental name and/or logo can be added if desired.

University Administrator – Associate Vice President for FMD

Policy Owner – Fleet Manager

Policy Contact – Brent Canup

Phone Number – 706-542-6477

Record Retention

Fleet information databases, including AiM & DOAS Vehicle Records in "VITAL".

Retention: Equipment & Vehicle Inventory & Maintenance records: 5 years after disposition of equipment. (0472-01-005)


Q: Do you have to display your departmental logo or name on UGA vehicles?

A: No, only the unit number as assigned by the Automotive Center and the UGA decal are required.

For more information regarding the UGA vehicle fleet, please our Automotive Center website.