Fleet Information

  • Last Updated: 06/17/2016
  • Effective Date:

Policy Statement
The Facilities Management Division’s Automotive Center maintains the master database of all registered University of Georgia vehicles for the Board of Regents (BOR) and the State of Georgia Department of Administrative Services.  All vehicle information for UGA will be reported and maintained in coordination with this office.
Reason for policy
The State requires every agency to have a Fleet Coordinator who shall serve as the head of the organization’s automotive fleet.  The coordinator ensures compliance with the BOR and state fleet policies and procedures.  The Fleet Coordinator is responsible for inventory accountability and ensuring compliance with state policies through the monthly reporting of mileage and fuel usage as well as annual reporting of maintenance on all registered vehicles.  Departments with UGA vehicles are required to report this information on a regularly scheduled basis.

Inventory Accountability:  All new vehicles should be received at the Automotive Center from the vendor with the exception of buses and police vehicles.  All paperwork concerning new vehicles must be processed through the Automotive Center regardless of type or department.  Changes to existing vehicles (including departmental contact, account number, etc.) should be entered through the Automotive Center website.  Contact Property Control for additional procedures or call 706-542-4390.

Reporting Procedures: 

To report fuel usage and vehicle mileage, use your vehicle fuel card monthly.  This information will be sent directly to the state of Georgia.  Additionally, mileage can be reported through the Automotive Center website through the Vehicle Mileage Update link

To report maintenance on your vehicle, choose from one of the following three options: 

  1. If you service your departmental vehicle through the PPD Automotive Center, the maintenance information for your vehicle is uploaded directly to the state of Georgia.
  2. The state of Georgia has a contract with Automotive Fleet Management (ARI) through local service vendors.  If you choose to have your UGA vehicle serviced by any vendor other than the UGA Automotive Center, you must pay a monthly fee to ARI and any service costs  incurred through the vendor.  The vendor then reports the maintenance information to ARI which is then sent directly to the state of Georgia.
  3. The department can contact the UGA Fleet Manager to be granted access to the state reporting system.  The department contact is then responsible for inputting the maintenance data on a regularly scheduled basis.  Additional training is required in order to accurately report the necessary information.
Additional contacts
Property Control

University Administrator:  Associate Vice President for FMD

Policy Owner:  Fleet Manager

Policy Contact: Brent Canup

Phone Number: 706-542-6477

For UGA fleet information visit the Automotive Center website.