Parking Services Policy

    • Last Updated: 06/17/2016
    • Effective Date: 10/15/2012

    Policy Statement

    The Parking Services department is a unit of Auxiliary Services, providing regulated parking designed to promote safe and efficient parking on the UGA campus.  Like all units of Auxiliary Services, Parking Services derives its authority to operate from University System of Georgia’s Board of Regents policy 7.2.2.


    Parking at UGA is regulated through the use of parking permits, which must be purchased through Parking Services.  Anyone wishing to park on University property must have a permit.  Although parking for the disabled is regulated by the state, those parking in disabled spaces at UGA are still required to purchase a permit. 

    Additional contacts

    Don Walter, Interim Director



    Responsible University Senior Administrator: Vice President for Finance & Administration

    Responsible University Administrator: Associate Vice President for Auxiliary Services

    Policy Owner: Director, Auxiliary Services

    Policy Contact: Don Walter, Interim Director

    Phone Number: 706-369-6228

    1. How are permit assignments determined?
      • Permit assignments are determined by a priority system that ranks permit holders according to several different factors.  Please see the Parking Services website for more information.  The link to the website may be found in the “Related Information” section of this document.
    2. How are disabled patrons accommodated?
      • UGA Parking Services complies with or exceeds all federal guidelines set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Those parking in disabled parking spaces are required to display both a state issued disability placard or license plate, and a permit purchased through parking services in order to park.
    3. How are permit prices set?
      • Parking Services permit prices are set on a cost recovery basis only, taking into account operating costs and debt servicing for parking facilities.  Parking Services receives no state or federal funds.
    4. What is the policy on the use of departmental permits?
      • A UGA department may purchase up to two departmental permits.  Departmental permits may only be used in conjunction with an existing parking permit.  To purchase a departmental permit, please see the Parking Services website link in the “Related Information” section of this document.
    5. What is Parking Service’s deck maintenance policy?
      • To ensure the integrity of and to preserve the life of our parking decks, Parking Services employs a comprehensive plan of inspection and maintenance.  The plan was developed in conjunction with a professional architectural engineering firm, and is executed by a structural maintenance firm.  Plan oversight is conducted by a structural engineering organization.
    For more information, please see our website: Please see the “Auxiliary Services – Authority to establish and operate” policy for more information about Auxiliary Services.