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Paid Holidays

  • Last Updated: 07/26/2016
  • Effective Date:

Policy Statement
The University observes 12 official paid holidays each year. A schedule of holidays is published each year by the University.

UGA procedures regarding holiday eligibility and pay

Temporary and student employees
Temporary and student employees, as defined in the Types of Employment Section, are not eligible for paid holidays.

Regular employees
Regular employees must be in an authorized paid status (work time, annual leave, sick leave, or other paid leave) on the scheduled work day immediately prior to and after the holiday in order to receive pay for the holiday.

Retiring employees will receive pay for holidays occurring at the end of their final month of employment if in a paid status (work time, annual leave, sick leave, or other paid leave) on the last scheduled work day of the month.

Special conditions
Alternative holidays
When the operating demands of a department make it necessary for all or a portion of the staff to work on a scheduled University holiday, the department head should request in advance that an alternative holiday be provided for the employees involved. This request should be in the form of a letter approved by the dean or director addressed to the Associate Vice President for Human Resources. The request, if necessary, will be submitted to the President for consideration through the Vice President for Finance and Administration. The request should specify:

  • The operating demand preventing observance of the scheduled holiday
  • The number of employees involved
  • The alternate day to be allowed (or the plan for allowing alternative days)

Where the operating demand is a continuing one in the department (such as Campus Police), the letter may be in the form of a "blanket" request for all holidays.

Operating units that are physically remote from the main campus at Athens, and those operations that are interrelated with a host non-University organization, may be permitted to observe a holiday schedule more consistent with that of the host organization. This schedule is not to exceed the number of holidays per year allowed for the University by the Board of Regents, and is to be authorized in advance by letter from the Associate Vice President for Human Resources.

Holiday Pay - If a non-exempt employee is required to work on an officially designated University holiday or a holiday falls on the employee's scheduled day off, the employee's supervisor may choose one of the following holiday payback options:

  1. Grant the employee another work day off with pay by designating that day as the employee's paid holiday.
  2. Pay the employee his/her holiday pay, plus pay the employee at his/her regular rate of pay for the additional time actually worked on the holiday. (Under this option, the employee does not receive another day off with pay for having worked an official holiday.)
  3. Add the holiday time to the employee's annual leave balance.

When determining eligibility for overtime pay, holiday hours are not counted as hours worked. See Standard Workweek section and Overtime Approval section of the policies and procedures site.

Responsible University Senior Administrator:  Vice President for Finance & Administration
Responsible University Administrator: Associate Vice President for Human Resources
Policy Owner:
Policy Contact: Kim Eberhart
Phone Number: 706-542-6077