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General Information

  • Last Updated: 09/12/2016
  • Effective Date:

Policy Statement

All regular full benefits eligible and partial benefits eligible employees shall accumulate annual leave each month the employee works at least 15 calendar days. Non benefit eligible employees do not accrue annual leave. Full and partial benefit eligible employees shall accumulate annual leave in an equivalent ratio to their percentage of time employed.

Annual leave shall be accrued based on the initial employment date of an employee. A new hire must be employed on or before the fifteenth of a month to qualify for accrual of annual leave for that month.

An employee who terminates on or after the fifteenth of a month shall accrue annual leave for that month.

Applying leave in a timely manner
It is the responsibility of each department to enter leave into the eLeave system at the time leave is taken.  Advance leave is not authorized; for example, if an employee is absent and has a zero leave balance, the department should not delay entering the leave until the employee earns enough leave to cover the absence. Leave hours taken must be entered into the eLeave system within 10 business days of the absence.

If an employee does not have enough leave (as reflected in the eLeave system) to cover the time off, the department must put the employee in a leave without pay status or a personal leave without pay status, as applicable, to cover any time in excess of the employee's accrued leave balance.

Clearing leave upon separation
The home department must manually clear annual leave (after any payout) and sick leave from the eLeave system upon the faculty/staff member’s separation from the University.

Separation of duties
Users of the eLeave system must not enter or adjust their own leave balances in the eLeave system. Departments should have appropriate review processes in place to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of eLeave submissions by departmental staff.

Employees paid from grant funds
Employees paid from grant funds may be required to use all accumulated annual leave prior to the grant's ending date to ensure the availability of funding.

Responsible University Senior Administrator:  Vice President for Finance & Administration
Responsible University Administrator: Associate Vice President for Human Resources
Policy Owner:
Policy Contact: Kim Eberhart
Phone Number: 706-542-6077