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Employment Beyond Retirement

  • Last Updated: 07/28/2016
  • Effective Date:

Policy Statement

An individual, who has retired from the University System of Georgia and is receiving benefits from the Teachers Retirement System, the Employees Retirement System, or the Regent’s Retirement Plan, may be eligible for reemployment on a part-time basis, by the University System. Reemployed of USG retirees by the University System of Georgia must fall under certain conditions: read the BOR policy regarding employment beyond retirement.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR TRS RETIREES: Although BOR policy allows a work commitment of "less than 50% time," TRS retirees cannot exceed 49% time without jeopardizing their retirement status and benefits.


Teachers Retirement System (TRS) retirees are responsible for understanding all TRS-related reemployment policies.

UGA retirees normally are rehired in a part-time position. In some situations, a retiree can be employed in a temporary full-time position for three months in a fiscal year and continue receiving monthly benefit payments. To request full-time employment not to exceed three months in a fiscal year, a strong justification and critical need should be included with the request.

Employers cannot enter into an employment agreement with any employee prior to his/her last day of employment.

A University budgetary unit desiring to hire a University System of Georgia retiree must complete and submit (using the instructions on the form) the Payment to Individual Retired From the University System Form. The use of a faculty versus staff retiree request form is determined by the position of reemployment (ex. a faculty member returning to perform web design services would use the staff form and appropriate UGA classified IT job class title/salary). A copy of the approved request forms should be forwarded to Payroll and Employee Benefits.

A copy of the approved form should be forwarded to Human Resources.

The requested annual salary rate for the retiree must be based on one of three options (see options under BOR process/procedures) but cannot be less than the UGA minimum rate for benefits eligible employees, and must be approved by the unit’s Sr. Vice President or Vice President.

Use the retirement “calculator” to determine salary at retirement plus average merit increases applied since retirement:

Rehired retiree approvals are posted online by Human Resources: and the Office of Faculty Affairs:

Market rate:

FACULTY: The hiring unit must provide a strong justification based on the current salary rate for faculty in the discipline of similar rank and work assignment.

STAFF: If the retiree is returning to a position different than the one from which they retired, use the annual salary rate within the range of the appropriate UGA classified staff position. The requested amount should never be more than 49% of what the individual was paid at the time of his/her retirement."

See procedures regarding paying rehired retirees.

Policy definitions

Responsible University Senior Administrator:  Vice President for Finance & Administration
Responsible University Administrator: Associate Vice President for Human Resources
Policy Owner:
Policy Contact: Travis Jackson
Phone Number: 706-542-7346

Additional contacts:

Julie Camp, Payroll Director
Phone: 706-542-3431

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