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Posting a Position

  • Last Updated: 07/26/2016
  • Effective Date:

Policy Statement
Refer to the Policy Procedures section.

Department Head Responsibility - Any University department which has an opening for a staff position must list the opening with Human Resources prior to considering candidates to fill the opening.

The University Office of Human Resources will post a current list of all staff job openings on the UGA Employment Web site. All vacant staff positions must be posted for a minimum of five business days before a commitment can be made to fill the position. This will allow anyone interested in the position an opportunity to make application. Once a vacant position is placed on "hold" status by the employing unit, additional applications cannot be referred or considered unless the position vacancy is reopened for another five business days.

Additional contacts

Policy Contact: Duane Ritter

Phone Number: 706-542-7316


Responsible University Senior Administrator:  Vice President for Finance & Administration

Responsible University Administrator: Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Policy Owner:

Policy Contact: Lynn Burt

Phone Number: 706-542-7336