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Conflict of Interest

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    • Last Updated: 06/25/2013
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    Policy Statement

    Conflict  of Interest: An employee of the University shall not engage in any occupation, pursuit, or endeavor which will interfere with the regular and punctual discharge of official duties. Employees of the University should avoid actual or apparent conflict of interest between their college or university obligations and their outside activities.

    For all activities, except single-occasion activities, the employee shall report in writing through official channels the proposed arrangements and secure the approval of the president, or designate, prior to engaging in the activities. Such activities include consulting, teaching, speaking, and participating in business or service enterprises.


    Responsible University Senior Administrator:  Vice President for Finance & Administration

    Responsible University Administrator: Associate Vice President for Human Resources

    Policy Owner:

    Policy Contact: Sige Burden

    Phone Number: 706-542-9231