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    Policy Statement
    The University of Georgia is required by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia and state and federal regulations to inventory and track moveable assets.  Assets are acquired from a variety of sources and must be used for institutional purposes and they must be disposed of in accordance to state guidelines. The Department of Administrative Services defines surplus property as “any item that is non-consumable and non-expendable that is no longer needed”.  These items may or may not be inventoried by the University of Georgia.  There are several options for disposing of state property.
    Reason for policy

    Ensure all UGA assets are disposed of properly.


    Equipment which is obsolete or excess to the needs of the custodial department may be disposed by transfer to the University’s Unassigned Property Unit in Athens. If the excess equipment is transferred to the University's Surplus Property Unit, action will be taken by the Property Control Office to remove those items from the listing of the custodial department at the time the transfer is processed. If the excess equipment is held at the custodial department's location, with final disposition to be made by direction of the Surplus Property Unit later, action will be taken by the Property Control Office to remove those items from the listing of the custodial department at the time of final disposition. It is the department's responsibility to record the UGA inventory number of items sent to surplus on the Surplus Equipment Transfer List form.  The Property Control office will not transfer items from the custodial department's inventory to surplus if the inventory number is not listed or is illegible on the Surplus Equipment Transfer List.

    The remaining portions of an item which have been cannibalized and are considered no longer serviceable must be turned in as excess to the Surplus Property Unit along with the inventory identification tag. This unit will initiate action to remove those items from the inventory records of the custodial department.  If the item used for cannibalization remains in the department, then it must remain on departmental records until actually turned in as excess.

    Computer hard drives must be turned in to the Surplus warehouse when a computer is cannibalized for parts.

    The surplus and disposal of computers and electronic equipment requires specific procedures as outlined in the State of Georgia Department of Administrative Services Policy.  State entities disposing of computer equipment or other electronic items with data storage capability must ensure that all data and software have been removed.

    In an effort to increase the security of University data and to limit the possible exposure of sensitive data to unauthorized parties, the Property Control Office and the Office of Information Security have acquired a magnetic degausser that will sanitize computer hard drives.  The degausser will be housed in the UGA Surplus Warehouse in the Chicopee Building.

    Surplus Property Unit personnel have the ability to physically remove and sanitize hard drives as a service to departments.  However, departments should take extra care and precautions with computers and hard drives that contain sensitive data by using approved sanitization software prior to transporting equipment/hard drives to the UGA Surplus Warehouse or use secure and trusted transportation for delivery of the equipment to the UGA Surplus Warehouse.

    Departments that have computers or other data storage devices outside the United States should contact the Property Control Office at 706-542-4390 for instructions on disposal.

    UGA departments often have the need to return a computer to a vendor under a warranty replacement program, upgrade program, or other trade-in program.  Prior to delivering the computer to the vendor, UGA departments must sanitize the hard drive according to procedures established by the Office of Information Security. 

    UGA departments that have computers or other data storage devices which are no longer being used should notify the Surplus Property Unit by completing the Surplus Equipment Transfer List found on the Administrative forms website.  Once the computers or storage devices are received in the Surplus Property Unit warehouse, the hard drive will be removed and degaussed prior to destruction.

    Under no circumstances will data storage devices be redistributed or sold to other state agencies, local governments, eligible non-profit organizations, or to the public at large.  Electronic equipment or components designated as scrap must be destroyed.

    Under no circumstances will state entities dispose of electronic equipment components as refuse (trash, landfills, etc.)  Departments located off campus should contact the Property Control Office for specific procedures for disposing of electronic equipment and computers.


    All Property Control Forms can be found at the following site:

    Additional contacts

    Property Control Office, 706-542-4390,

    Policy definitions

    New or relatively new equipment

    Items purchased in the last five fiscal years excluding the current fiscal year. 

    On-going sponsored project

    An on-going sponsored project is defined as one or more sponsored contracts/grants/agreements having the same sponsor and identical title, the last of which is currently in process at UGA, having not ended, and being continued at another institution.


    Responsible University Senior Administrator:Vice President for Finance & Administration

    Responsible University Administrator: Associate Vice President & Controller

    Policy Owner:UGA Property Control

    Policy Contact:Craig Mathews

    Phone Number: 706-542-4390

    Record Retention

    For all assets all documentation should be retained for 5 years after disposition of equipment. [0472-01-005]


    How do I transfer items to Surplus Property?

    Surplus Property, also known as the “Surplus Unit,” “Unassigned Property Unit,” or “Surplus” has a form used for handling the transfer of unneeded equipment.  This form is located on the Administrative Forms website at

    The form entitled “Surplus Equipment Transfer List” requires your signature certifying that any lab items on the form are free from radioactive, chemical and/or biological hazards.

    How do I get items that my department has destroyed removed from my inventory?

    Departments are not allowed to destroy assets.  Turn your unneeded items in to Surplus Property. The State of Georgia Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) has placed a new emphasis on the proper handling of items deemed unneeded by the department. The proper handling of unneeded items is to transfer them to Surplus Property.  Contact the Property Control Office for unusual circumstances.

    For what reasons are inventory items deleted from my inventory?

    The most common reasons for deleting items of inventory from the equipment holdings of a department are:

    1. Items are reported stolen.
    2. Items are reported lost, most commonly by way of the annual inventory, and qualify for deletion, i.e., are over five years old.
    3. Items are surplused to the University of Georgia surplus warehouse or to the State Department of Administrative Services.
    4. Items are sold in lots through Surplus Property’s bid process.

    In instances where the barcode is reported as missing, a new number is assigned; the old inventory number is no longer used and is deleted from our database.

    Where is Surplus Property located?

    Surplus Property is located in the Chicopee Complex, Building 0103, Room 101.

    What are the hours at Surplus Property?

    Surplus Property operates between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM.  Walk-ins are welcomed between 8:00 AM and 12:00 Noon.  Appointments must be made for visits after 12:00 noon.

    How do I go about getting rid of obsolete, useless, broken, and/or unwanted equipment?

    All obsolete, useless, broken, non-functioning, and/or unwanted equipment should be transferred to Surplus Property.

    If my department wishes to sell an inventory item rather than transfer it to Surplus, can we sell it and receive the funds from the sale?

    All sales of University of Georgia equipment must receive prior permission from the State of Georgia Department of Administrative Services (DOAS).  Contact the Property Control Officer at 706-542-6988, or the Surplus Property Manager at 706-542-6983 for details on the proper handling of each sale.

    What are the recommended steps for transferring a collection of equipment to Surplus Property? 

    1. Make a list.  Use the Surplus Equipment Transfer form to organize your work. Clearly identify each item you are surplusing. Remember you are trying to get these items off your inventory. Property Control works with bar code numbers.  Record that number on your list.  When the bar code is missing, be sure to provide the serial number.  Mail or FAX your list to Surplus Property at 706-542-4349.
    2. Protect your collection from tampering.
    3. Call Surplus Property at 706-542-6983 so that they can make arrangements for the pickup.
    4. Be present when the items are picked up, if possible.
    5. Expect to receive a receipt from the Surplus Property Unit for the items which were received and are currently active on inventory.  Verify that the items you sent were received to avoid future problems.

    Remember: the definition of “surplusing” is: the item was physically received into the Surplus Property Unit at Chicopee (Athens).  Items that are transferred to other departments with the intention of surplusing later should be transferred to the receiving department's inventory. 

    FYI: Items with bar codes are scanned on delivery to the Surplus Warehouse.  This transfers the item out of your accounts into that of surplus property.